The Quality Of Life

Axel Pflueger then turned to the head of the committee, acknowledged to be one of the most celebrated medical ethicists in the world, and inquired, What precisely are the criteria to determine one’s quality of life?

Dignity To Survive

On every Tisha B’Av, when it is forbidden to learn Torah, Reb Shlomo Zalman would read Dignity to Survive in its original Hebrew.

Look Inside Before Condemning Others

The end of the story is that my wife and family are pleased with the new oven. (This was pretty much a win-win as the old oven barely cooked, and anything with a functional heating element would have been an improvement.)

Ethical Dilemmas and a Functioning Oven

Do you mean to tell me, I gasped, unable to contain the note of exasperation from my tone, that I waited nearly two hours on the line only to find out that I had called for nothing?

When You Give You Get

Just days before the celebrations, the situation had all the makings of a powder keg that would inevitably leave one family, and particularly one young man, feeling slighted and deprived.

The Decision Dilemma And Oscar The Cockroach

This was going to take motivation, so I called upon my best friend – my imagination. Presto! We had it.

The Impetus For Two Improbable Movements

By 1939, not only had Novardhok reestablished itself on Polish soil, but it also had a network of 85 yeshivos! This dynamic phenomenon, unparalleled in Jewish history, came about as a result of a single statement.

Ascending The Ladder

One-out-of-three is not the kind of language that Dr. Weinblatt would ever employ, let alone even allow himself to think. The man is a fount of hope.

When I Was The Hole Of The Bagel

Because I have been teaching and lecturing for decades, a lot of people have seen and heard me, making me a likely subject for bageling. Often the gesture is less discreet and takes the form of frontal gawking and waving.

There’s Nothing Like An Old Friend

America’s position towards Israel independence was so uncertain that 74-year-old Dr. Chaim Weizmann, in ailing health, set sail for America to lobby President Truman.

President Truman’s Recognition Of Israel

Eight days after Truman became president, he was visited by a Zionist delegation headed by Rabbi Steven S. Wise. The President told his guests that he supported the Zionist goals, but he was very concerned about opposition from the State Department.

Friendship To The Rescue

The United States was convinced that Israel could never prevail against so many Arabs and feared that U.S. troops would be called in to save Israel.

The 29th Of November And Its Aftermath

Eight days after he was sworn into office, Truman was visited by a Zionist delegation headed by Rabbi Steven S. Wise. Truman told his visitors that he supported the Zionist goals, but he was very concerned about the very vocal opposition of the State Department.

The Exodus – The Novel, The Film, And The Reality

Witnessing the British brutality was an exclamation point for UNSCOP. Wherever the delegates went in Palestine they saw elaborate military precautions, barbed wire, armored patrol cars, searchlight beams at night – all compelling evidence of a doomed political entity.

The Quest To Find The Schindler Of Kristallnacht

My initial search for heroes of Kristallnacht came up empty. Surely there must have been upright Germans who shielded their Jewish friends and neighbors from the angry mobs seeking them out. Sadly, my detailed research yielded only a pitiful, nameless few.

The Voyage Of The Exodus 1947

Exodus passengers were separated on the port into men and women, invoking the worst associations to these concentration camp survivors.

The Origin Of The Most Pivotal Ship In Zionist History

A betting man would have been hesitant to wager if the Warfield could make it across the Atlantic. Yet the group of idealistic recruits set off on February 25, 1947 under Haganah Captain Ike Aronowicz.

The Origin Of The Floating Underground Railroad

He left the meeting with no doubt that if Hitler only could, he would destroy European Jewry.

The Kielce Pogrom

The Poles were also fearful that the Jews who had returned to Kielce would reclaim their prewar houses and businesses.

Three Boats, One Message

On board were 769 refugees bound for Palestine. This should have been a voyage of just a few days, but due to engine trouble, the boat headed to Istanbul for repair.

Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook – A Brief Synopsis

Rav Kook was incensed over the relinquishing of ownership of the Western Wall. "No one," he declared, "possesses that power of attorney."

Why The Religious Did Not Embrace Political Zionism

The real motivator for the British was to win over the Jews, and Zionism seemed like a promising card to play.

What Motivates Our Decisions?

Who could ever know if learning with disciples was preferable to pursuing self-growth and attaining spiritual perfection at the feet of the generation’s most respected saint?

A Tribute For The Lion Of Justice, Norman Rosenbaum, z”l (Conclusion)

If secular Jewish groups refused to get involved with the Crown Heights Riots because it was so politically incorrect – “chassidim victimized by African-Americans” – how much more so would the Democrats wish to steer clear?

A Successive Tribute For The Lion Of Justice, Norman Rosenbaum, z”l (Part 4)

Norman responded, “Captain, nobody is going to storm City Hall, but go and tell the mayor that he’s got to come out and see all of us.”

A Successive Tribute To Lion of Justice Norman Rosenbaum, z”l (Part 3)

Norman Rosenbaum was the only one in his family up to making the trans-world trip and accepting the challenge.

A Tribute To Lion Of Justice Norman Rosenbaum, z”l (Part 2)

Nelson’s pocket contained a bloody switchblade with the word “killer” inscribed on the handle. In that same pants pocket were three bloodstained one-dollar bills. The bloodstains were consistent with Rosenbaum’s blood type but not Nelson’s.

A Tribute For The Lion Of Justice, Norman Rosenbaum, z”l (Part 1)

Lifsh immediately attempted to pry the car off the children. His efforts were in vain as a mob began to attack him.

The Current Events Of Lashon Hara

There is no reason why we should have a monopoly on kind speech, and Telushkin has gone so far as to initiate a bipartisan group of senators to introduce Senate Resolution 264 calling for a national “Speak No Evil Day” in America.

Harnessing Information

This precise question does not arise in the Talmud. But young Reb Shlomo Zalman was able to marshal his breadth of knowledge and genius of application to render a most innovative ruling.


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