Deepening Our Perception Of Challenges

Hashem did not change His mind, the people themselves changed. The only way to change a gezeirah (decree) is through teshuva and tefillah.

Deepening Our Understanding Of Sefiras Ha’Omer And Shavuos

The first night of Pesach was a gift, an experience of transcendence. This night was characterized by the miracles of makkas bechoros and yetzias Mitzrayim, which connected the Jewish people to a higher dimension of existence.

Sefiras Ha’Omer: Achieving The Impossible

In truth, we are not counting down to Matan Torah, but rather are building toward it, ascending one day at a time. We do not wait for Shavuos to arrive; we actively bring it ourselves through the time and effort we invest as we count the omer.

Time And Its Transcendent Connection To Pesach

In order to live a spiritual life, one must escape the physical, completely rejecting their physical nature. Therefore, spiritual systems such as Buddhism prescribe meditation, abstinence, and the suppression of physical desire. In such a system, the ideal is to sit isolated on a mountaintop and meditate on our navel.

Inspiring Insights For Your Seder Night

The Seder night serves as an opportunity to pass over our mesorah, our tradition and legacy, to the next generation. It's a night when we speak about emunah, the meaning of being a Jew, and our purpose in this world. In order to teach these lessons to our children and ourselves in a deep and lasting way, we must encourage the Seder participants to ask questions, no matter the age or knowledge-level.

Why Does Hashem Send Us Challenges?

There is a fundamentally deeper understanding of a challenge – one that reveals the very core spiritual purpose and effect of a test.

What Do We Really Want?

Most spiritual schools of thought are focused wholly on the spiritual; they view the physical world as lowly and dangerous. They therefore claim that the physical should be avoided to the greatest extent possible.

The Relationship That Could Have Been

The carpenter was shocked! If only he had known he was building his own house, he would have invested so much more effort.

Purim: Our Existential Battle Against Amalek

Amalek rejects Hashem’s connection to this world or any connection between the spiritual and the physical. Essentially, Amalek denies Hashem’s control of this world and the ability for man to uplift himself to the level of the spiritual.

The Battle For Truth!

Things are not always as they seem. Each and every person in this world has a story, one much deeper than a surface glance reveals. Similarly, every object and occurrence in the physical world is laced with layers of depth and meaning. We must choose to peer beyond the surface in order to discover these layers.

The Mysterious Tenth Test

It seems strange, even ironic, to derive a source for marriage from a case in which a man’s wife dies. However, this is not ironic, nor is it a coincidence; it reflects the deep truth that marriage is eternal.

Anything Is Possible: Let’s Move Beyond The Stars

If the events in this world emanate from the mazalos, how can we reconcile the fact that they foretold that Avraham would not have children? Chazal do not claim that the mazal changed, only that Avraham transcended it. How did this work?

Are You Willing To Journey Into The Unknown?

The inability to fully understand the destination of one’s own growth can be compared to a child’s inability to grasp a complex scientific or spiritual concept.

Emerging From The Waters Reborn

A central question in the story of the mabul is why Hashem specifically chose to destroy the world through a flood. Hashem could have chosen any form of destruction, and yet, He chose water. Why?

Living With Emunah When The Light Fades (Part III)

During the first stage of history, Hashem revealed Himself openly, and the world was replete with miracles, prophecy, and clarity. Little effort was required to find Hashem or to connect to that which is higher. This was the time of emes.

Living With Emunah When The Light Fades (Part II)

As human beings, we uniquely possess free will. We can know for a fact that something is wrong, and yet choose to do it anyway.

Living With Emunah When The Light Fades (Part I)

While this story is one of extraordinary commitment and loyalty, it is also one of utter foolishness.

Spiraling Through the Cosmic Symphony of Life (Part III)

When we live holistic lives, tapping into the true meaning of existence, life becomes a song, a magical and immersive experience.

Spiraling Through The Cosmic Symphony Of Life (Part II)

Shana means that which is cyclical and repetitive, representing mindless ritual. However, shana also has another distinct meaning: to learn and to change (shinui, l’shanos). This is because when you add chiddush to shana, i.e., when you infuse newness into the circle, you create spiraling growth.

Spiraling Through The Cosmic Symphony Of Life (Part I)

There may be nothing more enchanting, mystical, and mysterious than the wonder of music. It has the ability to reach the very root of our soul.

Yosef And The Battle For True Beauty

The conception of beauty was a fundamental point of contention in the battle between the Jewish People and the Greeks. The Greeks did not believe in using the physical to reflect anything higher; they viewed physical beauty as an end unto itself.

Re-Examining Our Chanukah Mission

How do we understand and perceive Hashem? Is Hashem within time and space, limited to this world alone, as Pantheists believe? Or is Hashem completely transcendent, beyond time, space, and this physical world, as many of the ancient philosophers believed?

Soul Questions: Who Are We?

Most people believe that they “have” a soul, some spiritual essence they possess within themselves. However, the deeper Jewish sources reveal a profound spiritual secret: You don’t have a soul, you are a soul.

The Curse Of Flattery, The Gift Of Rebuke

The purpose of rebuke is simple: Rebuke helps us see where we have gone wrong, clarifying what we must change and improve in order to fulfill our purpose and actualize our true potential.

True Marriage: Peering Through The Surface

The lecture questioned the Western model of beauty and love, rejecting the notion of love at first sight. While physical beauty is important, inner beauty, spiritual beauty, is infinitely more powerful.

The Qualities Of Great Leadership

Everyone is a leader in some capacity. Some will lead their families, while others will lead the world. The scale is irrelevant; the principles remain the same.

Follow The Leader: What Is True Leadership?

The leader is appointed to serve the people. If he fails to do so, he is removed and replaced with someone who better fills the people’s needs. T

A Lifelong Journey Of Return

Strikingly, Rav Eliyahu Dessler explains that many people never experience a true assertion of their free will due to its immense difficulty. This is why many people do not change.

Willpower: Generating Momentum For Our Return

The feeling of making a great decision leads you to another great decision, and the cycle continues.


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