Deepening Our Perception of Challenges

Teshuva as well is a method of reengineering our will, rewiring our “wants”. It’s about the decision to be better, to be great, to become our best and truest self.

Transforming Our Challenges Into Opportunities

If I were to ask you, "What is the wealthiest place in the universe?", what would you answer?

The Cosmic Battle Between Yaakov And Esav

And this was the very battle between the perception of Yaakov and Esav. They both wanted both the spiritual and the physical.

The Five Stages Of Faith

You know deep down that you are unique, that you were created for a reason, and that you have a unique mission in this world – yet again, it is impossible to prove.

Parshas Toldos: The Cosmic Battle Between Yaakov and Esav 

The physical is not an end in itself- it is meant to serve as a vehicle for transcendent, spiritual, conscious living. This is the battle we face on a daily basis, a battle of perception.

Anything Is Possible: Let’s Move Beyond The Stars

If Hashem tells Avraham that he will have a child, how can Avraham even think of suggesting otherwise? And what does it mean that Hashem took Avraham ‘above the stars’?

The Mysterious Tenth Test

Avraham was burying his wife, facing the death of his life’s partner, there was a deeper layer here. He was also planting the seeds for their eternal connection.

Transcending the Stars

How often do we create mental cages of our own? How often do we allow other people's opinions of us to become our reality?

Emerging From The Waters Reborn

This is the deeper meaning of the mabul: Hashem was not destroying the world; he was recreating it. The generation of the Flood had become so corrupted that Hashem decided to start over again with Noach.

Are You Willing to Journey Into the Unknown? Parshas Lech Lecha

May we all be inspired to follow in the footsteps of Avraham, and have the courage to embark on our own Lech Lecha journey,

Fantasy Or Reality: The Ultimate Challenge

You must limit your endless potential in order to make something real.

Emerging From Formlessness Waters Reborn 

A central question in the story of Noach is why Hashem specifically chose to destroy the world through a FLOOD. Hashem could have chosen any form of destruction, and yet, He chose water. Why? 

Living with the Original Ideals of Creation

The process of life: The ideal is revealed, taken away, and then remains as our goal as we journey through life, trying to recreate that ideal. The KEY is to be inspired by the goal, not discouraged by the struggle.

Are You Willing To Journey Into The Unknown?

All we know is where we're leaving from, where we are right now. Only once we arrive, we will retroactively see where the journey was taking us all along.


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