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Rebbe Nachman of Breslov tells us the following: “People who are obsessed with the idea of getting rich lack emunah (faith) in G-d’s power to send a person their livelihood with little effort on their part. Instead, they get involved in all kinds of complicated enterprises in the struggle for extra profit. Only after great toil and anxiety do they eat their daily bread. They are constantly worried and depressed. They have attached themselves to the ‘countenance of the forces of the Other Side’ – the domain of darkness, depression, idolatry, and death.”

The Rebbe continues, “It is completely different for those who go about their work in a spirit of emunah and trust in G-d. Having decided to content themselves with what they have, they are happy with their portion regardless of what it may be. They know and believe with perfect faith that G-d alone is the source of man’s wealth and income – except that He desires that people should make some small effort of their own to initiate the chain of events that will bring their income to them. People like this are attached to the light of G-d’s countenance, which is the realm of radiance, life, and joy” (Likkutey Eitzos, Mamon and Parnassa:7).


Rabbi Shalom Arush tells a story about a young man who came to him and enumerated his difficulties in providing a livelihood for his family. Rabbi Arush told him to pray for emunah.

The young man was taken aback, “I lack emunah? I have emunah! But I am worried about my children, about paying back loans, etc.”

Rabbi Arush said to him, “Open your ears and listen to what your lips are saying. You say that you have emunah, and in the same breath you say you are worried?! That is a contradiction. If you have emunah, how can you be worried? A person who has complete faith that Hashem sustains them has absolutely no worries!”

May Hashem help us to have complete emunah in His power to provide us with our livelihood and may we all see the salvation we need during this month of redemption. Amen.


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