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Without warning, Eliezer bent down, picked up a stone, and struck the judge on the forehead causing him to bleed.

“I accept your judgment,” said Eliezer. “I will pay my attacker. But since you now owe me money because I struck you, you pay the one who hit me and everything will be even.”


Eliezer At The Feast

Leaving the courtroom Eliezer looked in vain for someone to invite him to eat. No one wanted to because of another law of Sodom. This law stated that any citizen who invited a stranger to eat must forfeit his cloak.

Passing by a home Eliezer saw a group of Sodomites sitting around a banquet table. Since no one invited him in, he simply walked in and sat down at the farthest end of the bench.

“Hey there,” cried the man he sat next to. “Who invited you to join us?”

“Why, you did,” answered Eliezer.

“Quiet,” answered the man in fright. “Do you want them to hear you say that? I would lose my garments.” Seizing his cloak, the man fled. Eliezer then repeated this with each of the Sodomites, and when the last one had fled, he sat down to enjoy the meal.


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