Photo Credit: MK Oren Hazan
MK Oren Hazan and Sivan. Feb 13, 2018

Knesset bad boy MK Oren Hazan, who took a selfie with President Trump at the beginning of Trump’s historic visit to Israel, hopped on over to HaEmek hospital to visit Sivan, the soldier who was attacked by the Palestinian Authority lynch mob in Jenin, on Monday.

Hazan writes on his Facebook page (translated from the Hebrew):

Give respect to Sivan, the heroine soldier from the lynching in Jenin.

I visited her now at Haemek Hospital and was privileged to meet a true warrior full of values and love of the people.

Only yesterday she faced dozens of fearful cowardly animals – and today she smiles – she won! And her victory, my dear ones, is our victory.

Share. Together we honor Sivan the heroine and show everyone that we are unbeatable!


While there are many in the Knesset that don’t like Hazan’s political theatrics, there’s no denying that his heart is consistently in the right place.