Photo Credit: Haim Zach/ GPO/FLASH90
PM Benjamin NEtanyahu and his wife Sara, on the Prime Minister's 65th birthday in 2014.

Today, the 28th of Tishrei, is Prime Minister Netanyahu’s 66th birthday.

Happy Birthday Mr. Prime Minister.


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  1. Happy Birthday Prime Minister Netanyahu!!!
    May the Lord our God bless you and give you wisdom.
    Thank you for all you do to help the people of Israel.
    Have a wonderful blessed day. I support and I am with you all the way. My prayers and thoughts are with you and the people of Israel. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday BiBi, say that name with love. Please you and your wife stay safe and keep doing what you are doing. Also please know that most of America loves you. You should see the posts I get. Again with love, Happy Birthday and many many more healthy ones. Shalom!

  3. Happy birthday Mr gentle prime minister Benjamin God's cherished child, hope you had an awesome day with you r family and you're people, I love Israel ,may our Father in Heaven keep you and your family and people safe and secure , God Bless you wise and passionate leader amen

  4. Happy Birthday Mr Prime Minister. I send these greetings from New Zealand and from myself and a group of 500+ who celebrated Succot last week. We love you and pray daily for you and the peace ofJerusalem. May you experience daily t Isaiah 41v10.."fear not for I Am with, be not dismayed for I Am thy G-d,I will help thee, I will strengthen thee I will uphold by My Righteous Right Hand.." Shalom and Hag sameach'
    from Dorothy

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