Sunny Levi is a 7th-degree black belt Taekwondo Master. She is also a personal fitness trainer. She teaches martial arts, self-defense, strength training, yoga, and kickboxing to women and children. In addition to teaching others how to defend themselves and be physically fit, Sunny also teaches women to be spiritually fit through her Hitbodedut Spiritual Bootcamp.

Hitbodedut is personal prayer. Through personal prayer, speaking to G-d in our own words, we can form a deep, close and personal connection to Him. This connection turns us into a vessel to receive miracles.


Sunny speaks in details about the three major components of hitbodedut:
1. Gratitude
2. Self-reflection
3. Request

Sunny also speaks about the magnitude of thanking Hashem for the things in your live that are the most difficult. She also talks about how when you pray for someone else who is in a similar situation to yours, G-d will answer your prayer first.

For more information on Sunny Levi’s Hitbodedut Spiritual Bootcamp, please email me at [email protected]

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