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New time for A Hebrew in the Heartland, every Tuesday at 6pm Israel time.

On today’s show I will be responding to email from listeners and explaining the origin of my name Ha’ivri, the Israelite or the Hebrew.


I will be sharing thoughts on my recent adventure in Washington DC to attend the AIPAC policy conference. How does AIPAC connect to the Heartland of Israel or does it?

Highlight of my program is the Shomron Day Experience. Come out to the Shomron and meet real people who live here and learn about the realities on the ground. Last week 60 American students came out for the first time. I took them to visit a factory in Barkan Industrial Park and to meet with Yossi Dagan, Chairman of the Shomron Regional Council.

Tune in to my show to hear more and to learn how you too can be a warrior for the land of Israel.

A Hebrew in the Heartland 11April2017 – PODCAST