Photo Credit: Ruth Lieberman

We live in very exciting times.

On Sunday the people of Israel celebrated Jerusalem Day commemorating 51 years to the liberation and unification of the holy city and capital of Israel Jerusalem. Marches, dancing and special prayers of thanks and appreciation to HaShem for these miracles were held throughout the land.


On Monday the entire world took note of U.S. President Trump’s heroic move of the American Embassy to Israel’s capital Jerusalem.

David will be speaking with two very special guests today. Ruth Lieberman is a Political Strategist who connects like minded American officials with Israel and Israeli leaders and helps them focus their strengths to supporting Israel where it is needed the most.

The government of South Africa has recalled its ambassador to Israel in protest of Israel defending her borders and not allowing Hamas rioters to destroy the border fence and cause harm to Israeli citizens. On that matter David will be speaking with South African friend of Israel Ilse Strauss who will tell us who she feels about her governement’s actions towards Israel.

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