Photo Credit: Ramy Aziz-Noor Dahri - David Ha'ivri

On today’s show David will be speaking with two Arabs who are friends of Israel.

He and guest Ramy Aziz will be discussing Netanyahu’s friendly meeting with Egyptian President Al Sisi last month at the UNGC in New York and how that effects the mood on the Egyptian street.


Later on the show David will be speaking with Pakistani Noor Dahri, once a hater of Israel who has become a leading voice for Muslim Zionists. Dahri now writes and speaks on behalf of Israel to exist as the Jewish State. Through his research he has discovered that Islamic faith based on Koranic verses actually support the rights of the Jewish people to this land and look favorably on the Jewish people and traditions. Noor Dahri is Founder and Director Pakistan Israel Alliance at

Don’t miss this very exciting show.

A Hebrew in the Heartland 17Oct2017 – PODCAST

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