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Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon interview Yaacov Apelbaum, founder and CTO of New York -based XRVision, Ltd, an early stage start up technology company developing adaptive AI video analytics solutions for law enforcement, security, and intelligence applications called the Sentinel AI. This is the future of visual intelligence. Among its amazing exploits were: 1. Uncovering and decompiling multi-billion-dollar military romance scams on dating sites, Facebook, and social media perpetrated by networks in the African nations of Ghana and Nigeria, all supported by payoffs to national police, local banks/money transfer companies, and NGO’s including UN personnel. 2. Identifying the family relationship and false narrative of US Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar that left questions about her family, her marriage to her brother, the family’s privileged position under the corrupt Somali Barre regime, how they were granted asylum status and entered the US as refugees while making sizable property investments in the US. The analysis conducted by the Sentinel AI might provide tangible leads in any US House Ethics Committee investigation of Ms. Omar arising from a recent complaint filing by Minnesota State Representative and Judicial Watch, a Washington, DC- based corruption watchdog organization. XRVision was established in 2016. The Company’s focus is on mobile and wearable video analytics and visual intelligence in difficult and uncontrolled environments. The system offers the dual capability of enhancing video and images in less than optimum lighting situations and reconstructing defective and low-quality images. Coupling this with the ability to classify complex video objects and conduct massive searches of image databases enables XRVision to synthesize and effectively deliver actionable information and visual intelligence. XRVision’s Sentinel AI uncovered networks of Ghanaians and Nigerians engaged in billion-dollar military romance scams. These were typically perpetrated against widowed and/or divorced middle-aged men or women who use Facebook or on-line dating sites. The scammers used stolen images of actual US military personnel serving overseas to entrap their targets. The estimates of the yield from each scammed victim, using blackmail and compromising information, range between $100K to $500K per scam. Apelbaum estimated that the scams may account for upwards of 5-15 percent of the Gross Domestic Income of African countries Ghana and Nigeria. XRVision exploited the full range of facial recognition and the adaptive AI analytics of Sentinel to ensnare the perpetrators, capture the contact and other location information of the scam perpetrators. Sentinel AI reconstructed well-organized networks of hundreds of individuals, their collaboration with government, police, banks, phone companies, ISP, NGO, and local UN personnel used to transport funds and other contraband across the border to neighboring countries. Analysis of the family narrative of US Minnesota rep. Ilhan Omar focused on the ambiguities of the family Somali names, their ‘escape’ narrative and the privileged position of the Elmi family in Somalia and its genealogy. That questioned who is this public person? The Sentinel AI analytics used Ilhan Omar’s video speeches and newspaper interviews, and social media footprint. The analysis flagged anomalies about her name and published pedigree. Sentinel AI revealed conflicting versions of the family’s escape story from Mogadishu during the overthrow of the Barre regime by rebel nationalists in 1991-1992. Ilhan Omar’s family of 20 individuals lived in a protected compound in Mogadishu and on short notice mobilized with cash, passports, visas, and flew to Kenya without apparent travel restrictions. In Kenya they lived in relative comfort in a private residence with significant funding and local political patronage. There are questions about who sponsored them for entry to the US facilitated by Lutheran World Services, why one wing of the family (two brothers and a sister) went to the UK and maintained their original family name Elmi, and why a separate contingent came to the US (Ilhan, her sister and father) and assumed the name of Omar, belonging to non-related family in Arlington Virginia. Apelbaum’s analysis suggest some material questions about Ilhan’s real name, birth date, actual number of her siblings, and the identify of their common father. The analysis also confirmed the identification of her brother Ahmed Nur Elmi in the UK to be her husband. Below are Apelbaum’s articles using XRVision Sentinel AI analysis; • The Mechanics of Deception • One Thousand and One Nights and Ilhan Omar’s Biographical Engineering • Military Romantic Scams – The Theory and Practice


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