Photo Credit: Pixabay
Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon bring back Dr. Harold Rhode, the savior of the Iraqi Jewish archives to reveal the Chinese fascination with Jews and Israel and China’s Muslim Uighur connection to Turkey. Rhode was a veteran Turkish and Islamic Affairs expert at the Office of Net Assessment- think tank in the Office of Secretary of Defense. Rhode has lectured in China five times in recent years about the Israel and Jewish way of thinking because, as he puts it, the Chinese believe Jews and Israel think out of the box. The Chinese he pointed out are avid investors in Israeli high tech but have also raised concern over control of Israel’s ports and other proprietary technology. He thinks that Israel must develop an agency not unlike that in the US to determine what technology must be secured. The matter of Chinese control of ports, whether in the US and Israel has raised concerns in both T’zahal and the Pentagon, in the latter case about using Haifa as a home port in the Mediterranean. On his last trip to China Rhode expressed the view that China has turned very dark with surveillance on everyone reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984. It’s trade relations with Israel as with the US is grounded in the ancient Chinese view that it is an honor to copy everything. Especially that which gives China under Xi-jinping a technical and economic advantage. China according to Rhode doesn’t believe in the rule of law when it comes to intellectual property. Rhode discussed the Turkic Uighur problem of the northwest province of Xinjiang as one in which the Marxist doctrine failed to integrate them in China. Rather it has emboldened the Uighurs to turn their allegiance to the Central Asia Muslim community making the younger members of this community prone to be followers of the pure Islamic doctrine of the Islamic State. Because of the common Turkish language, President Erdogan has provided sanctuary and refuge for Uighur separatists from China. On the matter of Turkey’s President Erdogan’s threats against the Kurds and US forces in northeastern Syria and demands to extradite Sheikh Fethullah Gulen, Rhode thinks that President Trump has given him his answer at the recent G-20 meeting in Argentina. We’ll think about it. Meaning no dice. That plus the lasting memory of how the US moved major forces into Syria after Turkey said no during the 1991 Kuwait War demonstrated the vast logistic capabilities of the US to wage war. Same for the Russian green men in Syria who were clobbered last February attempting to fight the Kurds and US special ops troops in Eastern Syria.