Photo Credit: Pixabay

Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon interview a Sudanese academic, Professor “H”. He reveals the dynamics behind the massive civil protests throughout the country against the leaders of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) who rejected a civilian – led government and brutally usurped power in Khartoum. The occasion of this interview was a massacre of sit-in protesters in Khartoum that killed over one hundred, injured hundreds more and saw dozens of victims who were forcibly drowned in the Nile River. He considers the toll vastly undercounted. The emerging ‘warlord’ and deputy leader of the TMC, Hemeti, was responsible for the creation and launch of the Rapid Support Force Janjaweed – “the devils on horses”, who perpetrated the Darfur genocides in 2003. The genocidal ethnic cleaning in Darfur killed over 600,000, displaced more than 5 million internally and sent several hundred thousand to UNHCR camps in adjacent countries. It continues to this day with evidence of killings, rapes of women and seizure of properties in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile region. Both Hemeti and TMC leader General al-Burhan are among the 52 Sudanese officials, including former President Bashir, indicted for genocide, crimes against humanity in Darfur in 2003 by the International Criminal Court in 2009 and 2010. The irony is that Hemeti is a Chadian. Hemeti wields enormous power, has billions of dollars in funding and backing from the UAE and Saudi Arabia because he supplied 10,000 Rapid Support Force/ Janjaweed paramilitaries to fight the Houthi rebels in Yemen. While the TMC has been condemned by the Organization of African Unity, Eritrea, Norway, the UK and US, the US may have leverage. That leverage is the US sale of weapons to the UAE and Saudi Arabia. An upcoming meeting in Germany involving the US, UK, Norway and the three Arab supporters of the TMC might reveal a new agenda item- creation of an international force to disarm the Rapid Support Force /Janjaweed of the TMC and rebuild the Sudan Army. The success of the Sudanese Professionals Society and Freedom and Change Alliance is reflected in the general strike, following the massacres, that shut down businesses and professional offices throughout the Sudan. The objective of the TMC is to retain power, exploit the natural resources of the country with funding from Arab partners, while committing genocide against the indigenous civilian population. Opposing the TMC’ are tens of millions of Sudanese who have adopted the outcry of “we are all Darfur, now”. That recognizes the threat of the TMC to them and their future. Professor H maintains an optimistic view, because the Sudanese are united seeking to end decades of pitiless autocratic rule. They face the guns and Toyota pickup trucks of the rampaging devils on horses- the Rapid Support Force/ Janjaweed. Millions of brave Sudanese seek peace armed with nothing more than massive civil disobedience. The civil society opponents of the TMC want liberty, freedom, the rule of law under a democratically elected civilian government. The Sudanese diaspora has thousands of well-trained experts to assist in building a modern functioning government and economy. That would be helped by the US lifting the state supporter of terrorism designation, monitoring free elections for a constitutional democracy, restructuring sovereign debt and forming an international tribunal to indict and prosecute the leaders of the TMC for crimes against the Sudanese people.