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Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon bring back Dexter Van Zile of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) to discuss a conservative Catholic E. Michael Jones extolling Jew hatred and racism via the internet misleading young millennials. Even more dangerous is that Jones has consorted with the like of white supremacist David Duke. Jones praised Duke at the London Conference of the Neo-Nazi movement. Jones has been promoting these dangerous views since the 1980’s. The problem is that millennials are biting into Jones views in droves. Van Zile first encountered Jones and his Jew hatred views in a YouTube interview with another notorious anti-Semite, Owen Benjamin. Jones has been writing books since the 1970’s, however, his rise to prominence in podcasts, increasingly viewed by millennials, has occurred within the past decade. He blames Jews for abortion and pornography in the US. The millennials in the US have latched on to Jones who promotes their salvation by becoming Catholics and fighting Jewish influence in America. Jones has recruited white supremacists to enlist the power of the Church to defeat Jews because they reject the word of God and committed deicide of Christ. While the Catholic Church has Jones on its radar, they caught in a conundrum. If they publicly excommunicate him publicly, Jones could become a Martyr enhancing his appeal. An example of Jones’ racism was a recent Van Zile article about Jones extolling Lithuanians in Chicago during the 1960’s Marquette riots who threw rocks at Dr. Martin Luther King. Van Zile points out that the Poway and Pittsburgh mass shooting manifestos affirmed Jones views. Jones has been interviewed by a prominent Catholic podcaster Patrick Coughlin. When confronted by Van Zile, Coughlin indicated that while he didn’t agree with Jones, he basically dismissed Van Zile’s concerns. Jones has also expressed his Jew hatred views on Iranian Press and Russian TV interviews. Jones’ views repudiate Vatican II doctrine under Nostre Aetate “in our time” reworked church understanding of the place of Jews in world. Jews were no longer responsible for the death of Christ. Jones repudiated Vatican II church doctrine. He views Jews as enemies since the Crucifixion of Christ. They should be placed in ghettos and eradicated, thereby legitimizing Christian pogroms against Jews. Moreover, Jones considers the Church adopting changes towards Jews amounting to Jews controlling the Church. Van Zile says that Jones anti-Semitic and racist views appeal to unhappy people looking for scapegoats for society’s decline. That is reflected in the screed from the recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton. Jones views that millennials in the US who feel hopeless and badly treated because Jews control the country. Van Zile addresses the peculiar position of the Vatican towards the modern State of Israel. While it signed a treaty with Israel and the Palestinian Authority with Israel in 1994, it has yet to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the sovereign Jewish nation of Israel. That may explain why the Vatican has recognized the Palestinian Authority. However, the Vatican’s position is reflective of the danger of the Christian population in the Holy Land. Van Zile noted that Muslim scholars objected to the Church’s reforms of relations with world Jewry under Vatican II. They wanted to retain Jewish deicde of Christ and supercessionism, replacement of Jews. Problem is that Muslim doctrine propounds supercessionism over both Christians and Jews. The Church’s problem is that it condemns Israel’s actions against Palestinians, but not Muslim hostility to Jews and Christians. It is fearful that to do so would arouse Jihadists against the Church.

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