Photo Credit: Pixabay

Rod Bryant and Jerry Gordon bring back Rabbi Jonathan Hausman of Ahavath Torah Congregation in Stoughton, Massachusetts. Listen to the riveting discussion about the disturbing views of some progressive members of the Democratic majority in the 116th Congress with patently anti-Israel and anti-Semitic views in favor of BDS aligned with the notorious Nation of Islam leader Rev. Louis Farrakhan. Emblematic are that are the views of Muslim women Members of Congress, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. Both of whom have strident pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel and what some critics have deemed anti-Semitic views They are joined by controversial co-organizers of the Women’s March movement in the US, Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian American Sharia advocate with connections to Hamas and Tamika Mallory whose “White Jews” racist anti-Semitic views have caused local Women’s March groups to cancel commemorative marches in Chicago, New Orleans, Boston and Eureka, California. Their views violate the precepts of liberalism- the relations between individuals and the state – established in the 19th Century by English Philosopher John Stuart Mill. We delve into how the Frankfurt School of Germany’s Weimar Republic in the 1920’s and 1930’s caught between battles between Nazism and Communism influenced the American Education system. We question the loss of integrity by the editors of newspapers of record and major cable TV news channels in broadcasting hate-filled views. Views that engage instant followers on social media in furtherance of the immoral view that what I believe is truth. These misshapen views violate the moral foundations of Torah Judaism and Judeo-Christian values, the foundation of Western Constitutionalism.