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Ari Fuld

Ari breaks down Barack Obama’s reaction to the Muslim terrorist attack in Orlando and discusses indigenous rights with an expert in the field.

Bulletproof 16Jun – PODCAST


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  1. Your tirade about a member of a hateful group murdering Jo Cox is premature. You would do well to wait for more details before sounding off.

    I don't mourn for people like Cox, but I grieve for her two young children. HShe was stabbed and shot to death in her constituency in Yorkshire by a mentally unstable loner with links to apartheid South Africa. He hates Jews too, by the way. With the referendum here to leave the Evil Empire of the EU entering its final week, the hard-left Remain campaign is milking this tragedy for all it is worth. They can't believe it isn't Christmas (I'm a gentile admirer of Israel). They are as wicked and corrupt as the EU.

    She has only been an MP since last year so she hasn't had enough time to do much damage, but had she lived she most certainly would have.

    She was heavily into BDS and kept very bad company as a member of the British Labour party led by a great friend of Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, Jermey Corbyn. The party is riddled with antisemitism

    I don't mourn people like Cox, but I grieve for her two young children. Her husband can look after himself.

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