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It’s C-C-C-COLD outside, but Tamar and her guests still have their heated opinions! Listen in as Shifra Hoffman of and talks about; a) The outrage that Netanyahu reneged on his promise to build a town to replace the homes of Jews who were expelled in Amona and who are now living in sub-standard conditions. b) The results of Netanyahu’s meeting with Trump c) The request of American Jews that’ Trump deal with accelerating anti-Semitism in the United States.

Also, want to be a medical miracle for someone? Judith Abrahams, Deputy Director of Matnat Chaim, tells us about the need for a kidney donation, especially for blood type ‘0’. She also shares with us that SHE herself donated a kidney and describes what it was like.  If you would like to change and SAVE a life, feel free to call (with NO obligation) in Israel: (02) 5000 755


Afterwards, David Ha’ivri. a veteran leader in Shomron and radio show host of, ‘A Hebrew in the Heartland‘ on Israel News Talk Radio, joins Tamar and tells her how disappointed he was with the Trump-Netanyahu meeting in Washington last week. Click to find out why!

Tamar Yonah Show 19Feb2017 – PODCAST


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