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What’s Happening?
People around the world are finding out that they Aare Jew-‘ish’. …Meaning that they may stem from Jews in their ancestry.
Whether you are talking about Anousim (Crypto-Jews, Jews who were forced to convert during the Spanish Inquisition) or Gentiles who wake up BELIEVING they are from the Lost 10 Tribes,could this lead to an explosive growth of converts to Judaism? What does this mean today, and how do we deal with this sensitive issue? And what about non-Jews who just want to learn Torah to serve G-d better? Should Jews be teaching those hungry for the light of Torah? These questions are asked and answered on this show!
-with guests:

Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler, author of the book, “Ten From the Nations”



Yaffa DaCosta, Founder & CEO of Ezra L’Anousim of

The Tamar Yonah Show 26Feb2016 – PODCAST


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