Photo Credit: David Ramati

The story of a non-Jewish Vietnam war vet, turned IDF Jewish soldier. He returned from both military services with unresolved wars. How does one cope with seeing their buddies killed before their eyes, learning after the war that it accomplished little or nothing? What about the emotional and physical wounds they carry with them?

Tamar interviews David Ramati, author of the book, ‘A Destiny Of Memories: Fire and Rain’ – an autobiography written in the style of a novel, of his time in Vietnam and his return to a country that hated him for his service. Afterwards, Ramati converted to Judaism, moved to Israel, and was drafted into the IDF. He shares his experiences in both armies, and especially his views on fighting in wars that can’t, or won’t, be resolved. A dramatic show that makes one think hard.
You can visit his website here.
You can order his book here.


The Tamar Yonah Show 24Jan2017 – PODCAST

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