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David Ben Gurion realised that once British Forces left Palestine, seven Arab Countries would attack a newly formed Jewish State with just 600,000 people, many of them elderly Holocaust survivors. The State would have no real military.

There was a foreign weapons embargo, so Ben Gurion decided to produce weapons locally. The Author and several Chemistry and Physics students were summoned to a secret meeting and literally told to save the Nation.  This is how the Science Corps named HEMED was formed.


Walter talks to the Author of HEMED, who was one of its kingpins.  It’s a fascinating, previously untold account of the Pre-State struggle for survival.

And: Why Kristallnacht happened on this particular night.  Hear Walter’s personal experiences.

Plus: Tohu VavohuWalter gives his thoughts free reign.

Walter Bingham 30OCT2016 – PODCASTret Pre-State Science Corps How HEMED Helped Create Our State

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