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Israel Uncensored: Coping with the Flash Flood Tragedy

The Nation of Israel was in mourning this week after burying 10 high-school students who were killed in a Judean Desert flash flood this past Thursday. In a country this tiny, the tragedy affected nearly everyone. But how does one explain this act of G-d, which tore apart 10 families? On today’s Israel Uncensored, Josh Hasten in search for spiritual clarity and a way to cope, discusses this calamity with renowned educator Rabbi Natan Alexander. Rabbi Alexander says that he has never encountered another nation on earth, which comes together to offer such support to one another during times of immeasurable sorrow. In the second part of the program, after switching gears, Rav Natan talks about his online resource, which is an educational tool helping to enhance family relationships in order to bring peace and passion to one’s life.

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