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Israel Uncensored: UNESCO SHMESCO - Despite the votes, Israel is not isolated

While UNESCO this week voted to deny the Jewish People and Israel’s historical ties to Hebron and Jerusalem, Josh Hasten says that the votes are irrelevant. The fact that the leader of the free world US President Donald Trump, along with the President of India, African leaders, and musical artists like Radiohead, Aerosmith, and Britney Spears are visiting Israel, proves that BDS has failed and Israel is not isolated regardless of any UN votes. Josh also voices his opposition to a rumored Israel/Hamas prisoner exchange, which would allow some of the most hardened imprisoned Jihadists to go free. While he understands why the Israeli families themselves are in support of a deal to bring back the bodies of their fallen sons, the rest of the country should oppose an agreement, which would give the murderous terrorists the freedom to go back to their old ways. Instead of negotiating with Hamas, Josh says Israel should use it’s strength and demand the return of its fallen soldiers.