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Israel Uncensored: Kicking Jihadist Incitement Out of Football [audio]

The Palestinian Authority is hosting FIFA affiliated tournaments in Jerusalem named after some of the worst Jihadist terrorists ever. Are these events brainwashing the next generation of Arab youth? Joshua Hasten interviews Barry Shaw today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Exclusive Interviews with NFL Stars in Israel! [audio]

18 National Football League Hall of Famer’s were in Israel touring the country as guests of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Listen to this special edition of Israel Uncensored as Joshua Hasten interviews some of the greatest to ever play the game!

Israel Uncensored: Regulating Bedouin Settlement in the Negev [audio]

50,000 Bedouin are living illegally in 2,300 clusters causing complete chaos and lawlessness. Today on Israel Uncensored Josh Hasten speaks with Meir Deutsch, Director of Policy and Knesset Relations with Regavim, about their plan to resettle those Bedouin living illegally, into the 18 legal towns.

Israel Uncensored: UNRWA Feeling the Trump/Haley Authority [audio]

Did the United Nations Relief and Works Agency decide to come clean on the tunnels, discovered under two of its schools, because of the strength on display from the Trump/Haley administration? This and more top news stories happening in Israel on today's Israel Uncensored with Joshua Hasten.

Israel Uncensored: Not Just Surviving but Thriving in Judea and Samaria [audio]

Tomorrow is the Knesset celebration commemorating the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Judea and Samaria. Joshua Hasten interviews Elie Pieprz Director of International Affairs at the Yesha Council on today's Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: There is No Such Thing as “Peace” in Islam [audio]

Modern day terrorism is the classic style of Islamic warfare meant to instill fear in one’s enemy, whether they are fellow Muslims, Jews, Christians or others, in order to achieve one’s goals. Joshua Hasten interviews Dr. Harold Rhode, one of the world's preeminent scholars on Islam on today's Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: The Importance of Living in The Land of Israel [audio]

Dedicated to bringing lost Jews home to Israel. He has co-authored a book about the importance of living in the Land of Israel.Today on Israel Uncensored Joshua Hasten interviews Michael Freund Director of Shavei Israel.

Israel Uncensored: Yom Hazikaron with Terror Survivor Kay Wilson [audio]

On this Yom HaZikaron as Israel remembers those soldier who fell defending Israel and those victims of terror Josh Hasten speaks with terror survivor Kay Wilson who has become an educator combating anti-Israel hate. Kay Wilson is a symbol of survival and resilience.

Israel Uncensored: Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day Experienced in Israel Like Nowhere Else [audio]

On today's special edition of Israel Uncensored recorded from Jerusalem on Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day, Josh Hasten interviews Dr. Efraim Zuroff - Chief Nazi Hunter of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Israel Uncensored: #AIPAC2017 Bringing the Pro-Israel World Together [audio]

A meeting of the minds among college activists who are sharing ways to support Israel and fight BDS on campus. Joshua Hasten speaks with Rabbi Shlomo Litvin who is in attendance at AIPAC 2017 Policy Conference in Washington DC.

Israel Uncensored: Iran Behind Tense Northern Escalation [audio]

Today on Israel Uncensored Dan Diker joins host Joshua Hasten for an up-to-the-minute briefing on the tense situation in Northern Israel.

Israel Uncensored: Ofra Teen Describes Evacuation [audio]

A week ago 9 family’s homes in the community of Ofra were demolished. A 17 year old Israeli teen joins Joshua Hasten and shares her experience and trauma of being dragged out of the house on today's Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Congressman DeSantis: US Embassy will Move to Jerusalem [audio]

Speaking at a packed Jerusalem press conference and then one-on-one with Israel Uncensored host Josh Hasten, Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis believes that US President Trump will uphold his election campaign promise and relocate the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in the near future.

Israel Uncensored: Jewish Home Party Rep. – We Like about 80% of Trump’s Policies...

Led by Minister Naftali Bennett, the Jewish Home Party, is so far very satisfied with the statements and actions coming from the new administration in Washington. Hear more as Israel Uncensored host Joshua Hasten interviews Jeremy “Man” Saltan.

Israel Uncensored: Changes Needed at Israel’s High Court [audio]

Could the Amona demolition have been prevented? Are judges on Israel’s High Court of Justice expressing personal biases in their rulings? On Israel Uncensored with Joshua Hasten.

Israel Uncensored: Sovereignty with Responsibility [audio]

Women in Green Co-Founder Nadia Matar speaks with Joshua Hasten on Israel Uncensored about their 4th annual Sovereignty Conference on strategies towards applying Israeli sovereignty over the communities of Judea and Samaria.

Israel Uncensored: Not One Inch [audio]

There is hope for change with a new president entering the White House but it is the Israeli government which must act to abandon the “two-state solution,” if it truly wants peace! Joshua Hasten is joined by Rabbi Joseph Gerlitzky on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Is ISIS in Jerusalem? [audio]

Prime Minister Netanyahu suggested that Sunday's truck-ramming terrorist attack was ISIS-inspired. Joshua Hasten interviews Dan Diker and discusses the PM’s comments on today's Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Did Israel Ignore the Brewing Storm at the UN? [audio]

Did Israel ignore the brewing storm? Did Israel ignore the warning signs that led to last week's UN Resolution? Dr. Martin Sherman speaks with Joshua Hasten and suggests that Israel's leadership didn't take the necessary steps in advance of last week's UNSC resolution on today's Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Caroline Glick: UNSC Resolution is a Betrayal [audio]

What does Caroline Glick have to say about the UNSC Resolution that passed this week? Does this resolution give a green light to terrorism? On today's Israel Uncensored with host Joshua Hasten.

Israel Uncensored: Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst in Amona [audio]

A rally is being organized in Jerusalem on Tuesday calling on the government not to destroy Amona. At the same time the Council is preparing for ‘the day after’ and finding humanitarian help for the residents who may lose everything. On today's Israel Uncensored with Joshua Hasten.

Israel Uncensored: Sovereignty is the Answer [audio]

Set for demolition per a High Court ruling, which would leave the dozens of families who live in Amona homeless. How do we prevent more communities from facing the same fate? On today's Israel Uncensored with host Joshua Hasten.

Israel Uncensored: The Fire Meant to Destroy Us, Instead It United Us [audio]

Terrorist arsonists lit hundreds of fires over the past several days trying to burn Israel, and its people, to the ground. But instead of destroying the Land of Israel, the fires have united a nation in a near unprecedented manner on today's Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten.

Israel Uncensored: Waking Up About Judea and Samaria [audio]

On this episode of Israel Uncensored Josh Hasten speaks with Efrata Mayor Oded Revivi about his Succot experience in which his invited breakfast guests, neighboring Arabs, were arrested by the Palestinian Authority.

Israel Uncensored: Trump or Clinton, Who is Better for Israel? [audio]

Israel Uncensored host Josh Hasten takes to the streets of Jerusalem and ask who they believe will be the better US President when it comes to Israel. The answers may surprise you!


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