Photo Credit: Wikimedia
Rejuvenation: The Plots Thicken

Chananya Shachor’s family business is arranging ones’ final stop on life’s journey. As Manager of the Burial Society of the Jerusalem Jewish Community (Chevra Kadisha), he is tasked with the very sensitive issue of burial in Judaism’s holiest city. He and Eve discuss burial customs over the ages, how they’ve evolved and why they must continue to evolve- or to some degree return to ancient Second Temple rituals- because of space constraints in a living city with limited area. The blessing of the Ingathering of the Exiles has a very practical, even, er, grave side, that needs to be discussed despite or because – of it’s potential to be misunderstood. Listen in to an interesting discussion that should have you (re) thinking what awaits us all. Till 120. A Joyous Purim Holiday to Am Yisrael!


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