Photo Credit: Twitter / @benshapiro
Ben Shapiro at Maarat HaMachpela in Hebron. Oct. 16, 2019

Ben Shapiro is visiting Israel for Sukkot, and on Wednesday took a trip to Hebron with his family, which he describes on his podcast, “The Ben Shapiro Show” as an eye opening experience.


Thousands of people were visiting Hebron that day as part of the Sukkot holiday experience.

The Hebron segment starts at 45:07 on the video below.

Ben also met ups with some of his fans in Israel, as he toured Hebron with Yishai Fleisher, the official spokesperson for the Jewish community in Hebron.

Stephen Leavitt (l), Ben Shapiro (c) and Yishai Fleisher (r) in Hebron. Oct. 16, 2019

It also turns out that this was one of the few times during the year that the tomb of Otniel ben Kenaz, located on the Palestinian Authority controlled side of Hebron, is accessible to Jews, and a number of people took the opportunity to cross the checkpoint.

Otniel was the first Biblical judge of Israel, and the division of Hebron prohibits Jewish visitors from visiting the tomb (and most of Hebron) throughout most of the year.

Tomb of Otniel ben Kenaz in Hebron

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