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Jewish readers in America, you can skip this first video, as you should already have it genetically imprinted in you as to how to properly slice a bagel (but in case you don’t, please make sure to watch the next to last video on bagel slicing safety). If you do get the urge and want to make this bagel slicing device, we recommend talking to one of our non-Jewish readers who have experience in these matters (honestly, how many of you have a wood shop like that in your basement?).


Just for fun, here’s a fast, automated version:

For you fans of mathematics or Escher, here’s a completely different way to cut your bagel:

Fast Fact: Every year in the US, thousands of people slice their hands open trying to cut bagels. Most bagel related injuries occur over the weekend.

How to safely slice a bagel:

Fast Fact: While bagels are considered a traditional Jewish food, until Bonker’s Bagels came along in 1994 (opened by Americans), it was high near impossible to find a real bagel in Israel.

Unlike US Jews, while Israelis may not inherently know how to properly slice (or make) a bagel, they probably would know how to build the bagel slicing device.

By the way, have you ever seen a Bialy in Israel?


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