Photo Credit: The Temple Institute

A Jewish man went to get a drink of water from the public water fountain while visiting the Temple Mount.

He was immediately assaulted by half a dozen screeching Muslim women, cursing everyone with their “Allahu Achbar”.


The police decided that the the problem was the thirsty Jewish man and told him to get a drink outside the Temple Mount.

Another Jewish man who did succeed in getting a drink was arrested.

The police have decided that Jews may not carry water with them when visiting the Temple Mount, and there are reports that the Muslims are shutting off the fountains during times when Jews are allowed to visit.

Does anyone else see a problem here?


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  1. Why are they getting arrested…stupid B…stupid idots! Why di we need to ask permission there….its everybody’s, …christians, especially the Jewish…Islam shouldn’t have anything there …they don’t own it!

  2. Thanks for the warning. If I watch a Jewish person being abused as bad as it looks, I’d be having nightmares. I’m in tears just thinking it’s that bad.
    How do the Jewish people live through this generation after generation, and not want to go on a shooting rampage? I get so angry and FRUSTRATED as a bystander.. I don’t think I could suffer through it for as long as the Jewish people have..
    This world is evil.. It’s the world who allow this. Both Muslim AND Christians need to get out of that area.
    How dare they take over..

  3. Why would he be the only one disciplined? They could of told her as well to stop all that noise! But, let it be turned around the opposite way, & not so much would of been done, right?!! Maybe God instructed him to drink, did anyone THINK about THAT???? Ugh!

  4. Reminded me of:

  5. I bet if someone asked her why she was screaming she would stop immediately and realise how stupid and irrational her behaviour was and remorse would sweep over her – NOT!! These people have no concept of good morals and values. They have never questioned their extreme hatred towards Jews. This has been indoctrinated into their psyche since they were babies!

  6. These women, like all other muslims, belong in the 6th century; they and other aggressive muslims do not belong on the Temple Mount…it was confiscated from the Jews as history clearly documents. These people are simply disgusting.

  7. Norman Keedwell In the more progressive parts of the US, the feral cat population is managed by Trap-Neuter-Return. Seems to me this should be practiced on your feral hooded ugly femuslims (still can't understand what a mosque is doing up there – all because of a flying Mohammed? Really?).

  8. Who in the H— gave control of the temple mount to the Muslims after the war on 1967?? It is the holiest place in Judaism. The government of Israel should be forcing the free expression of religious freedom on the temple mount. Instead it enforces the hatred of the Muslims and prevents Jews from praying there and now Jews are not allowed yo even drink water on the mount. It is time to end the 67 agreement with Jordan and return the control of this most holy site to the control of Israel. That way everyone could pray there . as per Muslim tradition the Mosque was built exactly where our temple stood prior to 70CE. The Jew hatred of the Muslim religion makes me sick . Specific encouragement of this hatred can be read in the two basic books of Islam. It is time to take action to protect Jewish religious rights in the Jewish state.

  9. Sorry ta say it, but these Muslims need to get over their issues & keep their thoughts & loud mouths to themselves & as I said it b4 an I'm gonna say it again ~ if you low-life, scarf/turban wearing morons don't like it here in the United States ~ you pack your belongings & your children, etc. & go back to whatever hell hole you came from!
    You have no rights in changing what others believe in ~ God is apart of OUR LIVES an we follow the religion we were brought up in, plus you can't tell us what can or can't eat or use certain products that you don't use or eat.
    Like our Wal-Mart saying: Welcome to the United States ~ if you don't like our ways of lives ~ pack up you an LEAVE an Don't Let the Statue of Liberty Kick YOU in your ASS on the way out!

  10. The women are being paid. The law: "Any person who utters a word or sound in public or within earshot of any other person that may be or is intended to offend his religious sensitivities or faith can expect to be found guilty and eligible for a one-year jail sentence." The law is traced back to the British High Commission "The Abuse and Vilification (religious invective) Order No. 43 of 1929", enacted in efforts to suppress the 1929 Palestine riots. [Wikipedia 53]

  11. the Arab women are just rabid animals who should be exterminate from our holiest site because they are defiling it. I think the police were just escorting the man off to keep him safe. sad that this has to be the case in what is supposed to be our safe haven. if a Jewish woman yelled at and an Arab man she would be dead in 1 second flat!!!

  12. These insensitive perverts are the greatest pest on earth today. They deny everybody else their human rights and cry foul when others give them back in their own coin. That's the irony. They take over the land where the Jewish Temple stood and deny the Jews their right to even drink water from that temple mount. They occupy the land that historically belonged to Israel and then call them occupiers and invaders instead. Muslims should be shown their place if at all this world wants peace and progress.

  13. Yes, Styles, to some people, I'm a huge problem.

    If you're the type of Jew who will say all the right platitudes just to appear "pro Israel" enough to garner political support, but beyond that, you'd rather see your people abused and humiliated than risk appearing "extremist," then yeah, I'd say a guy like me can be can be a real problem to a guy like you… Not that there's anything wrong with it. 🙂

  14. It is obvious the man is not thirsty, but is seeking to make a provocation. The women's belief in the holiness of this water deserves no less respect than this man's belief in the holiness of the stone on this mountain. The police is there to prevent provocation, not water from thirsty people.

  15. For everyone's sake, they should be made to wear muzzles. Whatever that is shrieking in his face looks like it is about to bite. Ah, the wonder of fourteen hundred of marrying first cousins (or closer). Hey lady! Did you order this Jewish knuckle sandwich on rye?

  16. Desiree, I didn't say the answer was easy. In fact, I'm convinced it will be extremely difficult to reverse all the damage we've done so to ourselves by doing it wrong for so many years.

    But you did inadvertently hit the nail on the head. It seems, these days people only want to do what's easy. The Muslim throws a tantrum while the Jew talks of fairness. So we give in to the Muslim, and kick the Jew out. It's not the right thing to do, but it's the easiest.

    So the problem is we like to avoid problems. We (as the Israeli police is this case) side with the terrorists, to avoid trouble. But when you avoid fighting cancer, the cancer grows.

    The answer, while difficult to carry out, is simple enough understand. Stop being a victim. I don't know whom you refer to by war mongers, so I can't address that, but in this case those women should have been escorted off the mountain, and any resistance by them or anyone else should have been met with overwhelming force.

    The surest way to become a victim is to volunteer. If you don't want to get stepped on, don't be a step stool.

  17. David, unfortunately our government thinks that our water belongs to the Government here. Did you hear of the man that was fined and sent to prison for 30 days? His family has been collecting rain water since the 1800's and he was ordered to stop. It's against the law. He said no and continued so they put him in prison.

  18. This person is bringing in 100,000 islamic death cult members a month! islamic refugees! Can't capitalize that! Not a peep from the evil left about the importation of these gay hating and gay killing muslims! YOU WOULD THINK THE LIB'S WOULD BE ALL OVER THAT AND ALL AGAINST THE MASS IMPORTATION OF A PEOPLE AND RELIGION THAT PUSHES GAYS OFF BUILDINGS WHILE BLINDFOLDED! And you know sets non muslims on fire and cuts their heads off with little knives! You know seeing if we look at a gay wrong nowadays you could be driven out of town and business due to their hateful wrath. You would think this would be a big deal to them. Importing people who hate them and want to see them on fire. Ah least I forget we are dealing with the lunatic left. 🙁

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