Photo Credit: Likud
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as 'The Bibi-Sitter.'

Netanyahu’s crew have come up a with an amusing followup to their kindergarten ad (which was banned because it had children in it, this one doesn’t show the children).

In this ad he is a babysitter, but the couple isn’t so sure, so he asks them, do they really want Boojie (Herzog) or Tzipi (Livni) watching their kids? With Boojie their house will be gone, and Livni will skip over to the neighbors.


Watch till the end, when the parents come home and say “Shalom”.



  1. You don’t have to try explaing that long because we have seen it with our own eyes and experience it firsthand not just in my country but the whole world.terrorism is the twin of muslim fanatics u cannot separate it from the way your ‘taqiyya’ won’t work any longer!

  2. Yassar, Muslims Entire History is Bathed in The Blood of those who do not Adhere to Islam! Why are you posting on here instead of Manning an Army to Oppose those you Claim are not of the true Faith! Your Denial of Reality and Truth only serves to prove how Brain Washed you are!
    So Peaceful Muslims are so Peaceful they are Unwilling to Attack those who Attack The True Faith of Muslims?
    Passive Aggressive is So Unattractive!

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