The IDF released a series of 6 videos, stories of personal heroism during the Six Day War.

This video is the story of Yossi Lepper, a tankist who found himself alone with his tank in Gaza during the war.


On the second day of the fighting, June 6, an armored force concentrated in Rafah received the order to “move”. The target was Gaza.

During the battle on one of the main streets in Khan Yunis, the commander’s tank, which was the first in the force, was hit.

The soldiers were ordered to leave the tank, but Sergeant Yossi, who was there as a fifth crew member, had been knocked unconscious and did not hear the order to evacuate. He found himself alone in the stuck tank surrounded by enemy Egyptian forces.

At this stage, Yossi faced the dilemma – what should he do? Should he hide in the tank or in one of the houses in the area, or should he fight? In the end Yossi decided – there’s a tank, there’s ammunition – continue fighting!

For hours, Yossi manned the tank alone, using the main cannon, the tank guns, and even his personal weapon. He was seriously injured, but he kept on fighting.

Finally, a rescue team he had called had managed to find and evacuate him before it was too late.

Yossi was awarded the Medal of Heroism for his actions.