Photo Credit: Israel Advocacy Movement
BDS Flash Mob Mobbed

Flash mobbing a BDS flash mob…

A group of pro-Israel London activists ambushed a BDS flash mob on Sunday, the BDS thugs attempted to close down Sabon, an Israeli-owned business.

Our chants drowned out their calls for the destruction of Israel and our flags turned their protest into a sea of blue and white.

They didn’t see it coming, they were caught completely off guard, it was an epic #BDSfail.

London Palestine Action your antisemitic actions are not welcome on British streets. No longer will we tolerate your thugs intimidating Jewish businesses, every time you persecute our people, we will respond in numbers until you end your bigoted persecution of Jews and Israelis.

Help turn this BDS action into an even bigger fail by supporting Sabon, follow this link to purchase incredible Israeli cosmetics:


At around 7:27, one pro-Israel advocate seems to have possibly begun opening up the eyes of one of the protesters to the fact that she has been lies to by the BDS movement.

A worried BDS leader tries to pull the young woman away from the conversation, but by the end of the intervention it appears that the young protester might actually try to seek out the facts for herself.

We recommend she visits Israel on an independent trip.



  1. BDS is BS I grew up without techknowledgy as am better forit. If these people really want to boycott Israeli products, I say let them, and have them throw all their phones, computers, etc., and we can turn back the clock 100 year or so and live in the dark, again. Good to see these Israelis stand up to these stupid uninformed dickheads

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