Photo Credit: Channel 2: Taamar Abidat
Arab MK Ahmed Tibi on the Temple Mount with PLO flag.

Arab Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi celebrated the traditional birthday of the Muslim prophet Mohammed Saturday by hoisting a PLO flag on the Temple Mount and declaring it the capital of Palestine.

Tibi also criticized the United States for voting last week against the U.S. Security Council resolution that Israel must sign a peace treaty with the Palestinian Authority within one year based on PA demands and surrender half of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria within three years.


Police did nothing to stop Tibi.

Public Security Minister Yitzchak Aharonovitch, who has said that Jewish Knesset Members should not be allowed even to visit the Temple Mount, has said nothing.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who has called Jewish MK visits on the Temple Mount a “provocation,” has said nothing.

Lawyer Yossi Fuchs fired off a letter Saturday night to Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein, demanding that he act against MK Tibi just as he has acted in the past against anyone raising a flag stating ”Kahane Lives.”

Israel has declared Kahane Chai is an illegal group. Fuchs wrote Weinstein that the court has declared that the PLO is a terrorist group and argued that Tibi, by flying the PLO flag, violated the law concerning the prevention of terror.

What are the chances that Weinstein will even consider investigating Tibi?



  1. Appeasement of this criminal nation of islamics will never, NEVER, work and it is insane to continue to do so, as for declaring Kahane Chai an illegal group…well, who cares really and while I sometimes find a minor point to disagree with I fully support the spirit of Kahani Chai; we have an islamic enemy, an implacable enemy, in our midst and: "They Must Go!"

  2. The Temple Mount is in the State of Israel. Is the Israeli flag flying over the Temple Mount? Is there a flag in any other Country in the world that has another group, especially terrorists, flying their flag in their capital? I rest my case. NEVER EVER AGAIN.

  3. That goes both ways, doesn't it? Or… are you too obtuse to see how ridiculous your argument is?

    As for Israel being "the only terrorist country there," why don't you ask the United Arab Emirates who are the real TERRORISTS in the area or… are you too afraid of an inconvenient truth?!?!?

  4. How can he be regarded as a Knesset member in the Jewish State of Israel while pledging allegiance and serving an enemy terrorist organization whose citizenship belongs to Jordan. All arabs are to be expelled from the Knesset and from ALL of the biblical boundaries of the Jewish State of Israel.

    In every country around the world, if any citizen serves the enemy, they are arrested and put in prison. Why should he be excused?

  5. Charlles – you means like your IRA who shoots their own irish citizens for the sake of looting their properties like the phistines? is that the irish contribution to the world along with being drunks and fools like Kerry and traitors to their country like joe kennedy who sold the USA to hitler. You and your kind are a poor morality and embarrassment of your pagan god., irish rose.

  6. @ Yaakov Zelig: And your point is???

    It is not the Jews who fear the goy, it is the other way around. The rest of the world fears the Jews now and are trying to either eradicate them or subdue them.

    Good luck with that… LONG LIVE ISRAEL!

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