Photo Credit: "Uncensored"
Terror attack on Yirmiyahu Street

Two people were injured in a ramming-stabbing attack in Jerusalem on Yirmiyahu street, just after 7:30 PM on Sunday.

The Arab terrorist first rammed a civilian, then got out of his car and stabbed a nearby volunteer policeman.


The terrorist was killed by a soldier from the Chareidi Netzach Yehuda unit who had just gotten off a bus and noticed the attack. The soldier ran over and shot and killed the terrorist.

Two victims are currently listed as lightly injured and were taken to Shaarei Tzedek hospital.

One of the victims, in his 60s, has a stab wound in the shoulder or hand, the other, age 18, has a leg injury after being hit by the vehicle. A third person is being treated for shock.

The terrorist has been killed.

Full video of the attack and neutralization:



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