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Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein made it clear Sunday night that his office would take measures against civilians or security forces who use force or kill terrorists who have been neutralized, Ynet reported. Weinstein is currently looking at several cases in which security forces and civilians killed handcuffed terrorists.

Weinstein hosted a meeting on this issue with state prosecutor Shai Nitzan and the leadership of both police internal affairs and the military prosecutor. The AG was briefed on recent shootings and also discussed general policy issues on when to begin an investigation into the shooting of a neutralized terrorist.


The starting point of the discussion was the need to ensure that actions taken to prevent immediate harm to human life are permissible when there is real risk of bodily harm and loss of life which there is no other way to prevent under the circumstances. Weinstein said it is clear that the use of a firearm may be allowed provided that it is done proportionately in light of what the law defines as reasonably necessary to prevent harm, so that the damage being inflicted on the terrorist is comparable to the damage the terrorist was about to cause.

The AG explained that the provisions of the law and the rules of engagement were designed to provide security personnel with the tools to deal with incidents where there is immediate danger to physical integrity or to human life. “There is no doubt that everything possible must be done to prevent loss of life, as it should be, and should be expected of the police and other security agencies,” He concluded.


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  1. The Attorney General of the state of Israel must act according to the Law of God (Written Torah) that is in the five first books of the Tanakh (Old Testament), because it is written in the Torah, in Exodus 19:3-8, that the sons of Israel made a pact with God, to obey His commandments, and to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation, so that the Law of God (Written Torah) is the Constitution of the state of Israel, and any law which contradicts the Law of God is null and void. Any person who does not accept the Law of God (Written Torah) as the Constitution of the state of Israel cannot be Attorney General of the state of Israel.

  2. He should resign or be fired. What an idiot!
    He probably wants to keep the arab terrorist alive so Israel can release him and 3000 other terrorists for the dead body of an Israeli soldier or civilian.
    And the Likud is in power! You would never have guessed that! It's like having Labor in power.
    What's the difference?

  3. I suggest the AG goes out in the field (Arab neighborhoods, or Hevron etc.) to feel the heat by himself as every other citizen. It is much to easy to make moral recommandations sitting in his cosy armchair while people are killed out-there. Terrorists must be shot and killed on the spot…and their family must also be made to pay one way or another..they also are responsible for their children's hateful crimes.

  4. Those evil terrorist deserve to die. Their aim was to kill; why would they be spared? So they can try to do it again? Whats wrong with him? He is not walking where we walk; he tries to sound man pleasing. Just like all the Jew haters out there; O no don't touch our little sweet terrorist; sorry; freedom fighters or frustrated youth..

  5. So by your logic it's then OK to execute someone in cold blood without any sort of due process? And don't answer this question with a bunch of diatribe blather about how leftists would allow the terrorists to take over, etc etc. Just answer the question posed!

  6. another moron lefty, he cares about the terrorists to keep them alive, not about the 80 years old or a child who R being stabbed daily,these kind of people and their mind set R dangerous to the state of Israe, shame on you Yehoda, yo not much of Yehud.

  7. that is the lawand the law must be upheld,revenge on defenseless people is foul and not Jewish at all. Be proudwhen a terrorist is neutralized but not killed. That is professionality on the side of our security forces, never demand from others to kill for you.

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