In Syria, 268 Arabs were killed on Sunday.

Among them were 168 fighters from the Syrian Opposition side, including Kurdish forces, ISIS, and the Islamic front.


From Assad’s side, 89 combatants were killed mostly in fighting in Damascus and Haleb, among them members of Hezbollah, .

18 civilians were also killed.

Does the world actually care?

Source: Syrian Observatory for Human Rights



  1. The world doesn’t care about Syrian soldiers or IS soldiers. The world cares for innocent victims and Kurdish soldiers. In Gaza it was clear that a serious part of the world is fed up with the Israelian policy towards the Palestinian people without being sympathetic with Hamas, and only caring about the innocent people on both sides.

  2. The West considers Assad a rogue government that needs to be deposed and whose opposition are being supplied with arms. If Israel wishes to be acknowledged as a rogue government and for the West to supply its enemies with arms and supplies then I’m sure human rights supporters would be willing to treat Israel the same way it treats Syria.

  3. Constant, your argument is lame. It’s plain old fashioned antisemitism as to why the “serious world” is fed up. The absolute disproportionate focus on Israel is pathetic. If you simply look at the sheer numbers of actual atrocities happening in the world, any rational person would be able to see the blatant antisemitism that is directed at Israel. Genocide, apartheid, racism, it’s all bull. As we speak Israel is caring for Syrian wounded at a field hospital in the north. Arabs sit on the Israeli Supreme Court, Muslims are serving in the IDF. Show me ONE SINGLE Arab country that can claim the same in reverse?! Sure, Israel is not perfect. But Israel is more moral than the whole of the Arab world combined. The comparisons of moral equivalency between Israel and her “enemies,” is ridiculous at best. I could go on and on with the things that Israel does that the Arab countries do not, but I’m sure it wouldn’t make a difference in the least…

  4. It’s like whack a mole, that’s all they do over there is kill each other, it’s like a sport to them. If the “good” (lol)
    guys won, they’d be killing someone else next time.
    Do they ever have any progress in those countries? Build schools, hospitals, have community centers, pave roads, build decent infrastructure??
    Oh hell no, they are to busy killing each other. It’s a freaking sickness.

  5. Maher go f..k yourself you moron. What a stupid thing to say. You obviously are an idiot. It does not matter what religion kills another religion. What matters is the fact that no one except Allah can take life and no one else. This is why the muslim world is not united because of ass holes like you.

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