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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking at the AIPAC policy conference in Washington DC in 2014.

This concession may not sit well with Democrats in Congress, who may see it as a sign that the UN can start dispensing with sanctions before US legislators has had time to vote.

Democratic Senator from California Dianne Feinstein told CBS’ “Face the Nation” that the “jury is out” on whether or not lawmakers in her party will support the deal. Kerry explained that while the UN will vote, they have to wait to act on that vote until Congress has discussed and voted on the deal.


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  1. Bottom line. The only way to stop the deal with a Iran is to get a 2/3’s majority. You need all of the republicans and some democrats. The only way to get some democrats is to get Chuck Schumer to vote against it. I know you are being told to call your own senators, but Chuck Schumer is the key. He is going to be the next senate minority leader and the head of the Democratic Party. These calls are URGENT. If you want to stop this deal Chuck Schumer is the man to call. This is the call that will make a difference.
    Theses are his offices.
    Washington DC 202-224-6542
    Albany 518-431-4070
    NYC 212-486-4430
    Binghamton 607-772-6792
    OFFICE HOURS ARE 10:00-2:00
    Please contact your OWN senators as well especially if they are democrats. Opening up billions to a country that vows our death doesn’t really sound like a great idea. This betrayal is for money and oil. Please let your friends know. If each of us posts this 20 times we will get this done. We must do this together. We are Americans, this is not a dictatorship.

  2. The Iran deal is the direct result of our President's lack of policy in the Mid East. It lacks historical perspective and undermines the security of our friend's in the region. It insures chaos and destruction, leaving American's as well as Israeli's awestruck at the magnitude of the pending doomsday scenario crafted by our negotiating team.

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