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Al Quds University is busy celebrating the latest round of Arab terrorism with a full blown on campus display of the latest assassination and run-over terror attacks.

From the IDF Blog in March 2014:

The Al-Quds University receives grants from European governments and has various partnerships with U.S. institutions and universities. This is not the first time the university has hosted rallies celebrating terrorist acts against Israel. In November 2013, students marched in black military gear while holding mock weapons. They also offered the traditional Nazi salute as they trampled the Israeli flag.

Emotional rallies such as these form just one part of the propaganda agenda of Hamas. Edited textbooks, intimidation of the media, and Youth terror programs are other tactics used by Hamas in order to spread disinformation to the residents of the Gaza Strip and Judea and Samaria.


Is there any wonder left as to why “Palestinian” society is so sick and emotionally twisted.

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