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"Pro-Palestinian" demonstrators in Sydney, Australia.
This passes for anti-Israel “commentary” to some papers.

“This is the venomous propaganda of Der Stumer recycled for a modern-day audience,” said Dr. Dvir Abramovich, head of the Anti-Defamation Commission of B’nai B’rith. Abramovitch also lodged a formal protest with the paper about the racist image. “The cartoon portrays not just Israelis, but all Jews, as heartless, cold-blooded murderers,” Abramovich said.

In all cases, it is perhaps best to quote Andrew Bolt, a non-Jewish Australian commentator who’s fair-minded comments on Israel and strong stance against anti-Semitism has provided a voice of sanity in that country’s media for many years.

If these protests are really against killing Muslims — and not against Jews — then where are the protests over the 2000 Syrians killed by other Muslims in the past two weeks?

If these protests are really against barbarism, then where is the outrage over the Muslims who this month had their heads hacked off by Islamic State militants in Syria’s Raqqa and impaled on a fence? If these protests are against crimes against children, then where are the marches against the Boko Haram terrorists who cut the throats of schoolboys and enslaved nearly 300 schoolgirls in April?
If these protests are about alleged “apartheid” policies, then where are the petitions denouncing the Islamic State for destroying Mosul’s ancient Christian community this month by demanding Christians convert, flee or die? And where are the protests against Muslims slaughtering Muslims in Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq, where 5500 civilians have been killed this year?

Or is killing a Muslim only an international outrage when a Jew does it in self-defence?

Is the only good Jew one who let himself be killed?


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