Photo Credit: AMCHA Initiative
AMCHA map denotes schools at which at least one professor has endorsed a BDS vote.

An organization has set up a webpage which catalogues, by university, testimony by Jewish students who have experienced antisemitism on their campuses.

The AMCHA Initiative, which monitors, investigates and fights against antisemitism at institutions of higher learning in America, set up the webpage a year and a half ago.


Called “Student Voices,” the webpage reveals experiences of Jewish students on America’s campuses who have been targeted, intimidated and/or frightened because they are Jewish.

AMCHA reports that it has collected testimonials from more than 100 students, located at 47 different schools, in 20 states.

“Campus antisemitism is widespread and it’s escalating at an alarming rate,” said AMCHA director and cofounder Tammi Rossman-Benjamin.  “Students should know they are not alone.  We hope the compilation of concerns shared by brave Jewish students over the past year-and-a-half will help university leaders and elected officials understand the breadth of the problem and take action.”


All of the personal declarations on the AMCHA webpage, “Student Voices” were stated publicly at student government meetings or quoted in news stories, and the testimonials include links to those sources.

Here are just some examples:

♦ The Jewish flag was ripped off the dorm door and the mezuzah was torn off the doorway of a Jewish student at Claremont-McKenna College in California.

♦ Swastikas were spray painted on the walls of the Jewish fraternity at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

♦ At Loyola University in Chicago, Jewish students reported being “peppered with hostile questions such as “How does it feel to be an occupier?” and “How does it feel to be guilty of ethnic cleansing?” One member is worried about attending future Hillel events for fear of being attacked.”

♦ Mock eviction notices were shoved under the dorm room doors of a predominantly Jewish dorm while students slept at New York University.

♦ A Northeastern University (Boston) professor, “demonizes Israel, delegitimizes Jewish history and infringes on his student’s free speech by shutting down any differing views.”

♦ A Jewish student at Northwestern University in Chicago described being “terrified knowing I may not be able to discuss my Judaism without taunts, or worse, violence,” and that she is “told when I try to talk about anti-Semitism in the West to “check my privilege,” or that we are part of the machine fueling inequality.”

♦ A student at San Diego State University said that as a “Jewish student on this campus, and the grandson of Holocaust survivors, I was disgusted and horrified by the anti-Semitic comments.”

♦ There are students who tuck their Star of David necklaces inside their shirts to hide that they are Jewish, according to a Jewish student at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

♦ Stanford University’s Hillel staff reported hearing from Jewish students that they no longer feel safe at Stanford, that they feel ostracized and targeted, and are unable to express their identities and opinions in the dorms and around campus.

♦ Students with a clear Zionist perspective are labeled and excluded from the discussion at Swarthmore University in Pennsylvania, a Jewish student explained. “We have been told we do not belong at this school, that our voices do not belong in the dialogue. We have been accused of supporting apartheid and of being racist.”

♦ A student at UCLA said, “Jewish students are being attacked — not because they are Jewish but because the Jewish state is Jewish, and they as Jews, have somehow become extensions of the Jewish state and its policies.”

♦ About the University of California, Davis, one student said, ““It’s an absurd reality that many Jewish college students have to question: is my college safe for me?”



  1. Funny how everyone always says the South is so prejudice & racist but from my experiences & looking t the map, the hate is very much a Northern thing. Got more prejudice living in California then I did in Mississippi Matter of fact I’ve never had ANY problems in the South

  2. See the letter “H” on the lower left stands for “Hebrew”. If Jews were caught, the Nazi’s weren’t sending them to any POW camp, they were going to a concentration camp. Many Jews therefore elected not to put their religion on their tags, and these students are afraid ? This is pathetic.

  3. God bless Israel and God bless Americal. Woe to the people persecuting Jews because Israel, the “apple of God’s eye,” See Zechariah 2:8 For thus says the LORD of hosts, “After glory He has sent me against the nations which plunder you, for he who touches you, touches the apple of His eye. If you want blessings, bless Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  4. Read “Heretic” new book by Ayaan Hirsi Ali former Muslim says it all. Islam is not a religion of peace. Violence is inherent in Islam. Why Islam needs a reformation now. She speaks from personal experience as a former Muslim, a must read to understand were at war with Islam. The Quran says it all kill all Jews, Christians and infidels, what more is there to know, absolutely nothing. They will never adapt to our culture and customs but rather want to force Islam and Sharia upon us all, there are no moderate Muslims that followthe Quran. Forget about being labeled and political correctness, it is destroying our freedom.

  5. You cannot compare soldiers (who at least got the 8 weeks of basic training) in a warzone to completely unprepared college students. It’s a very small step from vandalism and verbal attacks to physical assaults – they have every right to be afraid. They’re outnumbered by the sheer volume of antisemitic students AND those in positions of authority: groups, councils, and professors.

    If the message on campus is a constant flow of, “Jews are bad because they’re all Zionists, and Zionists/Israel/Jews practice genocide/steal/murder women and children/control the media/control the money/control the world, and therefore, it’s OK to harass them because they need to be punished and put in their place”, OF COURSE Jewish students will be afraid! They’re completely unprepared to deal with the onslaught of antisemitism on campus – they’re not raised to combat it.

    I’m sure many Jews in Germany thought those who were afraid of similar incidents before the Nazis started rounding then up and killing them were pathetic too. This is how it starts, and if we fight amongst ourselves, we only make their jobs easier. Rather than call a bunch of scared kids “pathetic”, why not come up with a way to help prepare them and help them combat the hostilities?

  6. College students buying into the anti Israel Boycott and the propaganda demonizing Israel that accompanies it, have become the willing pawns of the liberal progressive movement. They think they are doing something noble by protecting the "underdog" or the poor Palestinian "victims" from the state of Israel which has suddenly become the "aggressor" and "oppressor" when in actuality these poor Palestinians are the ones who have continually demonstrated their unflinching desire to destroy the state of Israel and replace it with yet another Muslim country i.e. the state of Palestine. Israel is the one seeking peace, but you can't have a peace "partner" that seeks your destruction!

  7. The world is getting much more dangerous now. I think it would be important for Israel to leave the UN and protect itself. What good has the UN done for Israel anyway? American colleges are also harassing Christian students too., Christian students who are American have been harassed. In America we still (for now) have rights and the Jewish students should stand up for their rights in American colleges. If they retreat when bullied, they will only get bullied more. They need to take a strong stand and possibly sue the college for it's discrimination., which is illegal.

  8. G-D demands that you keep Shabbos. I heard about a man that kept getting fired but he kept getting a different job. He had his priorities right. You do this and G-D will assist you. Or, just get up and move but be certain you can walk to Shul .

  9. I will repeat again. With the many top Jewish Attorneys in this country, I am surprised that no one group of them has decided to start taking action against these schools, because these Jewish students who are paying some high tuition fees are not afforded a safe environment for their education, are harassed, confronted, and even threatened emotionally and physically. These schools should be dragged to court to explain why such dangerous behaviors are permitted and tolerated. This is pure bullying in the name if a freedom of speech. Undoubtedly, many of these characters are not even students in these schools, maybe not even legally here. This is all the tactic of the Arabs and BDS to intimidate us, put fear in us, and name our life difficult, and that is why action should be taken to fight them and put them on the defensive. We have the brains and the power to change that

  10. There are more incidents in places wit more Jews, esp more “visibly Jewish” ones. When someone points out that a town with no Jews had no anti-demerit incidents, it doesn’t show anything.. “There’s only been one antisemitic attack here, after that, the ten Jews here left town. No attacks here since….”

  11. Idiot. My father was one of the first over the Siegfried Line. He was a doctor. Do you know why a medical man was one of the first (he was a war hero and Andy Rooney put my Dad in his book “My War”). Because my Dad spoke fluent german. Why??? Because of the Jewish quota, he and other Jews from US went to germany to study because it is close to Yiddish. MY FATHER HAD TO ESCAPE GERMANY when Hitler decreed that no more Jews work for the government which included universities.He luckily got out to Switzerland thru Belguim. MY FATHER STUDIED IN BONN, DE WHEN HITLER CAME IN. DON’T COMPARE THIS TO IDIOTIC RHETORIC IN COLLEGE CAMPUSES. SO WHAT? I JUST HAD A SWASTIKA PAINTED ON MY REAL ESTATE SIGN.My father is in several books, got a silver star and 2 bronze stars. He was in General Rose’s unit ..the 1st army, 3rd armoured division. General Rose was also a Jew. He was the highest ranking officer killed in battle during the second world war. You are a real ignorant a..hole and completely clueless and don’t respond and show us what a moron you are.

  12. The haters use "reverse accusation" tactics. While Arabs were always the ones committing Ethnic cleansing (they have laws against Jews having citizenship in their countries, where Jews lived BEFORE Arabs invaded!) 1948, when Jordan occupied East Jerusalem, and the Jewish villages of "Gush Etzion", they destroyed 54 synagogues, destroyed cemeteries, threw every single Jew out of their homes, and robbed their property. The simply "reverse the reality". Yes, they are NOT "apartheid", they are GENOCIDAL towards Jews. And Islamic LAW IS apartheid, by definition, with "head tax" on none Muslims who are spared the genocide, so they survive to serve the Muslim Masters. But those who support them will learn the hard way, like the Europeans did. What goes around, comes around. It is time Israel treats Arabs as they treated Jews.

  13. Al Wright, proportionally CA, East and North have way more colleges then Southern States. that doesn’t let the south off the hook. Stop the mid west and southern migration to CA then we would have less racists. I oversimplify but so did you.

  14. After much reflection on anti semitism and from my own personal experiences with prejudiced remarks and hateful comments during my school years, I think the heart of the problem of anti semitic behavior is social alienation. This tendency towards the misery of disconnection is brought on by humanity’s ignorance of how harmful rejection and individualism in our everyday relationships can be. So, we Jews need to take action. As inheritors of Abraham’s discovery of the method of connection and union with G-d, we Jews have a responsibility to unite for the purposes of bringing the benefits of the “wisdom of connection” back into our lives and then, into the mainstream of the world.
    In the more serious anti semitic instances where violence erupts, we certainly need to move against those who wish to kill us and destroy humanity. In the more mundane interactions of everyday life however, where bigotry and self interests arise to foster separation, we need to take even swifter action in favor of our fellow human beings in an effort to mitigate the escalation of the harmful effects of hatred in general. Only when humanity unites in a “connection” with G-d, in true friendship, in mutual responsibility and with a sense of belonging to the collective soul, will it be happy, prosperous and free of anti semitism.

  15. I don’t have a BSN in nursing, and they won’t accept me without it. My conversion is conservative, I will have no religious rights. I would have do a halachik conversion before moving their, which I would love to do, but funds are an issue. I am somewhat alone in this world, always have been. Few people seem to care that there is one less nurse who an save their life. Nurses in Israel had to go on strike to get decent pay. Unfortunately, few people understand the nursing profession.

  16. From my own personal experience I. An honestly say
    , like I put in my original comment, I never experienced any prejudice down south. I lived in California many years and I received so much against my face and prejudice just against being a long-haired person. Same with the Midwest. Now is the father of a multiracial child I traveled the country and have never experienced any problems in the south only once again in the Midwest and other places that are so “civilized”and “advanced socially” as they claim

  17. Even though those who practice anti-Zionism vehemently deny it, it is simply a cover for and an excuse to bring out and air their deep antisemitism, for they are one and the same thing. There is no difference, no matter how intellectualize it. All that "intellectualism" seems to be is being able to shout the most illogical and ill informed garbage the loudest, drowning out all actual facts and reason. I guess they all need to learn how to debate and to do actual research, but, then again, that would negate their blind, ignorant hatred. Our institutions of "higher learning" have certainly deteriorated. In one experience I had, an older Jewish lady from South Africa, who I met in Trader Joe's, stopped me to remark on how brave I am to openly wear my Mogen David and expressed her fears for her children who live in Paris. She and her husband left S. Africa due to its own political and anti-Israel, anti-Jewish climate, kind of ironic for a country that experienced true apartheid. My answer to her was that I wanted to get an even bigger Jewish star. The little pishers can all kiss my mezuzah.

  18. So sad how we are so technologically savvy, and have a wealth of information to learn about cultural differences. We should be able to embrace each other; but now we act like we are not smart enough to know how to sit down and get to know one another for the beauty we all posses.

  19. There is only one good thing about this antisemitism. All those Jewish American who thought themselves as being just regular Americans will realize that they ARE Jewish first and then American, whether they like it or not. Once they know they will understand how they can defend themselves.

  20. Learn to defend yourself – buy mace and pepper spray on line, someone threatens you spray them and while they're blinded but a knee between their legs – don't let anyone tell you what you can and can't wear. That's exactly what NOT to do

  21. This should be unaccepted un America , America ur letting lying muslims say stuff about the jewish students with out even knowing the facts ,muslims hate jews and will lie ,kill ,murder to get there way , muslims are insane scum.

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