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Remains of the car of Al Quds professor who led trip of Arabs to Auschwitz last year.

Arabs have handed out their own version of “price tag” attacks usually ascribed to Jews and destroyed a car belonging to an Al Quds University professor who led the first organized trip of Arabs to Auschwitz last year, for which he was banned from the university’s workers’ union.

Prof. Mohammed Dajani posted a picture on his Facebook page of his car after it was torched in Jerusalem.


He wrote, “Last night, my car was burned, and all I have to say is: Islam is my religion, and moderation is my doctrine and my way of life.”

First of all, it is nice to know there really are some moderate Muslims out there. They probably are a silent majority.

Secondly, the reason they are silent is because the radical, extremist, lunatic, barbarian and Satanic Islamists have struck fear into the hearts of their brethren no less than those in the West.

Dajani heads a movement that promotes Western concepts of moderation and democracy based on principles he understands from the Quran.

That is heresy in the bloody eyes of the extremists, who are doing a good job of convincing the world that Islam equals Terror.



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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. The Arab-Palestinians staging their true intentions about Israel
    How in the world can you be so foolish and self defeating, dear Mr. Mahmoud Abbas (Mr. Abu Mazen), to go on record stating that, once you succeed in having an Arab-Palestinian State – as you are ceaselessly striving to do – to have the Jewish land you are after turned into a Muslim dominated Arab-Palestinian state, you will not permit one Israeli man, woman or child to remain living in what once was the very biblical heartland of the Jewish people? Is it not enough that the Arab countries have expelled over a million Jews from the Arab countries and confiscated their assets and land, 5-6 times the size of Israel. Is it not enough that the British took away 80% of Jewish allocated land on the east bank of the Jordan river and gave it to the Arabs as their new state.
    Don’t you realize that, by making such a stupid remark, you have let all Israelis know and the world at large – if they didn’t already know – that you are not really interested in living in true peace with them; that you are only using the so-called peace process to arrive at your Judenrein State of Arab-Palestine – a state which, by its very anti-Zionist nature, will become a well-placed stepping stone for the entire fanaticized Muslim World from Iran to the Sudan to use to achieve the ultimate goal of most Muslims and Arab-Palestinians: the final eradication of the sovereign Jewish democratic state from your midst?
    What if Israel’s prime minister were to announce to the world that the price for a two state solution is that all Arabs now living under the sovereignty of the State of Israel need to leave and be made citizens of your to-be-formed Arab-Palestinian state? How would you react, and how would the world react, to such an announcement, which would mirror completely the one you just dared make concerning the Jews who now live in their own historic land?
    With your reprehensible declaration you have foolishly (for you) proclaimed the end of all peace negotiations, even with many among the Israelis who were duped into believing your intentions! Now we know. All you want to do is use the Europeans and Americans (and I am an American) for is to pressure little Israel into undoing what your Arab friends themselves brought about by their announced wish, as voiced by Abdul Nasser, and many other Arab leaders to drive the Jewish people into the sea. Remember, it was in this war of Israeli self-defense that Jordan lost the so-called ‘West Bank’ (Judea and Samaria).
    For many Israelis this land – illegally occupied by Jordan from 1949 to 1967 – was part of their ancestral land for over 4,000 years. By joining Egypt at the outbreak of the Six Day War (against the appeal of the Israeli government, “please do not do so, do not attack Israel”) Jordan lost the territory to the people who, by divine decree, once owned it, and will own it now for eternity.
    And now you, Mr. Abu Mazen, dare to say that, while the Arabs can live in Jaffa, in Haifa, Acre and all over Israel, Israelis who live in their Hebron, in their Gush Etzion, in their Shiloh, in their Beth El, in their Samaria cannot live among you – not even one – when it becomes an Arab- Palestinian state?
    The same applies to Jordan which was allocated to the Jewish people in 1920. Jordan has a policy of no Jews are allowed to live there. I am astounded at how the world overlooks this distinction. The outright discrimination against Jews.
    But when it comes to Israel. The Arabs expect the rights to buy land anywhere and live anywhere. Israel's population is about 20% Arabs. What percent of Jews are there in Jordan or any Arab country today for that matter.

  2. That pesky "Religion of Peace" manages its heretics (AKA "Moderates") with the velvet gloves of love and tolerance. I'm sure a Pal statement will emerge that "The Jews did it."

    I'm shocked–SHOCKED! I tell you that the world cannot see Islamists for what they are.

    Yawn. Ok, so none of us are.

  3. Whenever there is a wrongdoing by an Arab, by another Arab, they will still blame the Jews. The trip to Auschwitz was seen as collaboration with Jews. How dare some people by telling the (inconvenient) truth. Or teaching history as it was, rather than a politicized version? It is a shame that somebody be punished for telling the truth.

  4. Obama's relations with Israel and other Nations
    Obama has no respect from many of the International community. Obama has no credibility, he has the least experience in real politics, he is the worst president the U.S. has ever had.
    Obama has alienated many nations and has caused foreign policy damage that is costing the American taxpayer trillions. His decisions are also costing numerous American lives in vain.
    Obama has abused his executive powers and should be prosecuted for his violations. Obama is ignoring the true sovereignty of the Jewish people in Israel and the various treaties and international agreements entered into after WWI and the various congressional resolutions on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people since WWI. Obama’s blatant disrespect of Netanyahu and Israel’s International legitimate rights shows his naivety in International matters and foreign policy.
    Obama’s lack of etiquette is an outright embarrassment to the United States.
    Natanyahu is trying his best, but he will not compromise the security of Israel and that is the way a leader should perform. No other decent leader of the free world perform differently.
    It is interesting to note, that Jordan is a country that never existed in history before WWI and nobody is contesting its legitimacy or territorial sovereignty and control. The same powers that established 21 Arab States plus Jordan after WWI also re-established the State of Israel based on the Balfour Declaration and the San Remo Treaty of 1920.
    On the other hand, Israel and its Jewish people have over 4,000 year of recorded history.
    Many Nations and people are questioning Israel’s control of its liberated territory. No one is mentioning that the Arab countries had ejected about a million Jewish people from their countries, confiscated their assets, businesses, homes and land. About 650,00 of these expelled Jewish people were resettled in Greater Israel. The Land the Arab countries confiscated from the Jewish people 120,000 sq. km. which is over 5-6 times the size of Israel, and its value today is in the trillions of dollars.
    Let the 21 Arab countries resettle the Arab Palestinians in the land they confiscated from the Jews which is 5-6 times the size of Israel. Provide them with funds they confiscated from the million Jewish people they expelled and let them build an economy, This will benefit both the Arab-Palestinians and the hosting countries, The other alternative is relocate the Arab-Palestinians to Jordan, (originally land allocated for the Jewish people under the San Remo Treaty of 1920) which is already 80% Arab-Palestinians, and give them funds to relocate and build an economy. This will solve the Arab-Palestinians refugee problem once and for all. It will also reduce hostility and strife in the region.

    If this is not discrimination against Israel, I do not know what is.
    It seems like nobody cares about land violations in other countries in the world, but when it comes to Israel, everyone has a say. Israel’s rights in the terms of the treaty of San Remo of 1920 are in affect in perpetuity, it clearly states that the Jewish people are the only ones with political rights in the British Mandate of Palestine and that the Jewish people can live anywhere in the British Mandate.
    If the U.S., Europe and other countries will stop meddling, and stop its criticism and involvement in the politics of Israel and the Arabs, than there will be a chance for peace.
    We know the great powers are only interested in the OIL and nothing else, that is the bottom line.
    A true and lasting peace in Israel will bring mammoth economic prosperity to The Israelis and The Arabs alike.
    An approach to peace starts by teaching your children and the people not to hate and condemn any acts violence that hurts civilian population and stop celebrating and rewarding the death and destruction of each other.

    YJ Draiman

    No Jew has the right to yield the rights of the Jewish People in Israel –
    David Ben Gurion
    (David Ben-Gurion was the first Prime Minister of Israel and widely hailed as the State's main founder).
    “No Jew is entitled to give up the right of establishing [i.e. settling] the Jewish Nation in all of the Land of Israel. No Jewish body has such power. Not even all the Jews alive today [i.e. the entire Jewish People] have the power to cede any part of the country or homeland whatsoever. This is a right vouchsafed or reserved for the Jewish Nation throughout all generations. This right cannot be lost or expropriated under any condition or circumstance. Even if at some particular time, there are those who declare that they are relinquishing this right, they have no power nor competence to deprive coming generations of this right. The Jewish nation is neither bound nor governed by such a waiver or renunciation. Our right to the whole of this country is valid, in force and endures forever. And until the Final Redemption has come, we will not budge from this historic right.”
    at the Basle Session of the 20th Zionist Congress at Zurich (1937)

    "No country in the world exists today by virtue of its 'right'.
    All countries exist today by virtue of their ability to defend themselves against those who seek their destruction."

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