Photo Credit: Flash 90
Israeli soldiers and security personnel protect Jews in Silwan Valley.

It what appears to be a fight between Arab families, a 20 year old Arab man was stabbed in the stomach and killed in the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem on Thursday night. The Silwan (City of David) which is just below the Old City.

Police say it was a squabble between two families related to stairs shared by both families into their respective homes.


But Haaretz has a different version. They say there is suspicion that it is related to the recent selling of a 25 apartments to Jews in the City of David (Silwan).

Residents of Silwan claimed that the family of the murdered man recently sold one or more apartments to Jews, but as it turns out, other Silwan residents claim that the family of the murderer also sold an apartment next to those apartments, to Jews, but Jews haven’t moved into that apartment yet.

Within the neighborhood, there is a lot of finger-pointing as to which families secretly sold the 25 apartments to Jews. It’s starting to look like they all did.


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