Photo Credit: Google Earth
Satellite view of Negohot and Adorayim river in the Mount Hebron Hills

Not quite making it into the category of suicide bomber, an Arab terrorist was killed when the bomb he was about the throw blew up on him.

On Monday evening, around 11:30 PM, Arabs set up an ambush on the road connecting Negohot and Adorayim in the southern Mount Hebron area, according to a Tazpit report.


The Arabs piled up rocks onto the road hoping an Israeli driver would crash into them, at which point they would apparently attack the driver directly.

An Israeli driver from Negohot saw the pile of rocks just in time, and managed to swerve around them. He then called in the army.

As an IDF jeep arrived, the IDF soldiers heard a loud explosion.

Searching the area, the soldiers discovered the remains of an Arab terrorist who was about to throw a bomb at them.

The explosive detonated prematurely.



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  1. Stupid people win stupid prizes

    However, it is kind of barbaric to celebrate death. Lets do what we can to achieve world peace. I know every religious group thinks they are the best and the chosen ones, but we are all the same no matter what color we are. Until people stop being divided and conquered war will continue, and human suffering will never end. You can either get this through your heads now, or wait until we are all dead and its too late. Lets not waste all the progress humans have made and lets work towards exploring space together.

  2. ok im trying hard not to laugh oh hell with it hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhaha omg this is the funniest thing i have heard this yr okay yes i know a human being just died but omg that was funnnnyyy hahahahahahahahahahhah

  3. NEWS UPDATE: The group "Jews for Justice in Philistine" has just petitioned the Government of Israel, President Obama, and the UN to have this classified as a "work accident" and to have the victim immediately treated at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, and then be granted a Green Card to go to the USA as a "political dissident", and to also bring along all his extended family. The UN will be asked to fly an additional white flag (as an observer along the Vatican and Palestine flags) to commemorate this handless person and all disabled persons in the world. Rabbis around the world will also be receiving suggestions to say a pray of healing for this handless person on Yom Kippur to once again demonstrate Jewish compassion for others as they blow the Shofar 100 times to memorialize the wailing of Sisera's mother (when she found out that the Jews were not destroyed, but her son instead). Happy (not so) New Year to all. Hahaha …

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