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Jews on the Temple Mount were a target of a wide-scale Hamas plot to attacks Jews throughout Israel. (April 2014)

On Tuesday after Pesach, a group of Haredi children went up to visit the Temple Mount with their chaperons. The Temple Mount is the Jewish nation’s holiest site.

The children were violently assaulted by a mob of Arabs who were waiting there to attack Jewish visitors.


In the video, you can see the police are practically overwhelmed as they try to create a human fence around the children.

Repeatedly in the video you hear the police checking if all the children are still there, and haven’t been snatched away by the Arab mob.

One of the adults in the video can be heard telling the children, “The police are here, don’t be afraid.”

The Arabs threw objects at the children, and in a classic anti-Semitic act, yanked their payos (sidelocks).

Arab violence on the Temple Mount has been escalating as of late.

After watching this video you need to ask, why are Arabs allowed on the Temple Mount at all?


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  1. Do we still find disbelief in madness the weakest find their easy victory why they not know already the sons and daughters of Israel are strong as they are making notes for the day they let loose their children to wonder our great one and always home of the living G*D …

  2. I hope one day the Jewish people reclaim there Temple Mount I mean palestinians are not a people at all they are bunch of people from the surrounding country’s before the Jews came back into the land another thing how can you be a people if you come from another country entirely and your history is made up? No where in the historical record is there mentioned a people call Palestinians ever! Until now or the last couple hundred years or so and still they came from the surrounding countries into Israel from Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and so forth only time will tell if the temple will be rebuilt in are life time I pray for that day and for the peace of Israel always and for the Christian Palestinians who are caught in the middle.

  3. i watched this and got seriously irked. those poor children looked stright up terrifyed. iam happy he police were there protecting them but it shouldnt even be needed .the Temple Mount belongs to the Jewish people.its been proven times without number.

  4. Very traumatic for the poor children, the innocents. The Arabs shouldn’t have control over The Temple Mount. Taking the children there you must expect trouble, nothing changes. They were lucky nobody was seriously injured. It’s very wrong that the Temple Mount is such a no go area, damn Arabs.

  5. MO HAM HEAD: Jews existed before MOOHAMHEAD was twinkle in his YO MAMA’s eye…and muslims have no right to anything in Israel..and MUSLIMS are the ones who were spitting and punching Jewish kids…good thing I wasn’t there, I FIGHT BACK..not ALL Jews are, shut your halalhole and go masturbate a goat.

  6. These Arabs are just coward pigs to attack children is utterly detestable they should not be allowed on Temple Mount. Israel should burn down the near by Al Axa Mosque then there would no reason for the Arabs to be there at all. In fact deport all Arabs out of Israel

  7. Very sad, but it has a very simple fix to keep it from ever happening again. Muslims need to be removed from Israel. I don’t hate them it’s just that they need to be removed from being around people that they hate so they cannot harm them. They are people but they act like wild animals so they need to be put somewhere far away from civilized people so they can’t harm them. Give them positive incentives to move to Muslim countries. You can’t negotiate with people who want to kill you. You just can’t do it.

  8. Jim, removal does not stop with Israel. France and England are lost. The Arabs have taken over. There is Sharia law dealing with divorce in England. The big problem is the lack of assimilation and a total lack of contributing to society.

  9. All wicked media outlets support the Muslims, this world is in wicked hands of control freaks who want to diminish (make less) world population and are pro-Muslim and pro-revolutionist communists because they have no problem to kill. They are just doing the dirty work of the UN for them. Muslims should think why do the world support them? And think that maybe they are serving the wrong god who is a liar and a murderer, the description the New Testament gives to satan. Get out of this wicked system or face Gd’s judgment, He is YHVH Elohim and His Messiah is coming soon with all His fiery angels to judge all people.

  10. This is unreal! It is time to stop this. The Jewish people can not even go and worship w/out being run away from the Temple WHY is this happening just WHY is this being allowed. Every one there that was causing these children harm should have been arrested. Stand up Israel.

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