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Arieh King in a newly reclaimed home in Nachalat Shimon . Sept. 12, 2017

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion will be promoting City Councilman Arieh King to be a Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem as part of the coalition agreement with King’s party. King has decided that during the Coronavirus crisis he will not be taking a salary for the new position, according to a report in JDN.

The appointment will be voted on at the next council meeting.


King, who chairs the United Jerusalem Party, said that the appointment was a certificate of appreciation for all his work for the city of Jerusalem and its residents, and he plans to increase his involvement in any area the mayor asks of him, in addition to his work in community administration, Israel’s heritage and the environment.

Last week, King’s home was firebombed by three teenage Arab terrorists, who were caught shortly after the attack by Border Police.


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