Photo Credit: Flash90
Itamar Ben-Gvir and Noam Federman (Archive: 2003)

A Bar Mitzvah boy was removed from the Temple Mount this morning by Israeli police, according to the Tazpit News Agency.

The boy, the son of the well-known Jewish activist, Noam Federman, went up to the Temple Mount on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah.


While on the Temple Mount the boy said one of the oldest Jewish prayers out loud, Shema Yisrael, “Hear O’ Israel”.

The Israeli police do not allow Jews to pray on the Temple Mount, so the boy was removed.



  1. When Jews become concerned with supporting full equal rights for women to pray at the Kotel, their complaints about being denied the right to pray on the Temple Mount will have a little more credibility to me. Then I might believe they genuinely support and desire Jewish prayer versus simply wanting to cause disruption on the Temple Mount.

  2. Lee Fogel because every kid who went to day school thinks that his opinon is more valuable than that of a democratically elected government

    you want to be a martyr – fine
    you want to make others martyrs and start a war – not fine

  3. Please explain how praying at the most and only holy Jewish site ,which according to the Koran is for Jews is simply to cause. A disruption. It has been the center of focuse of the Jewish people for over 3000 years. As for woman they have full rights. However it is not full rights to do something's. That go against.Jewish law,tradition at a communal prayer site. The resion Jews cant pray at the temple mount is because. The isreali government. Is afread of riats which happen even when Jews just walk through. Please explain how this partials Jewish women which wish to pray as men do? Ps I don't care about my spelling or grammer its irrelevant.

  4. CH Hoffman, it is the law of the land in Israel that Jews have the right to pray on the Temple Mount. It is the arab Waqf that put up such a fit that the police don't let Jews even drink water or eat an apple for fear they will make a blessing. And don't talk about day school kids knowing more than the government. It is his fundamental right to pray and he is being denied those rights. What happened to democracy? What? only for everybody else and not the religious?

  5. The things most noticable about Islamists are:

    1.) Their fear;
    2.) Their insecurity;
    3.) Their denial;
    4.) Their agitated state.

    No religion that cannot stand a little competition from other religions, can ever be the One True Religion.

    Islam is thus a falsehood, if it has to rely upon violence and coercion. It it was the Truth, all would flock to it; and all other religions would be lost to the dust of time.

    The abberation which is the slavery to Allah is already doomed. One needs only to look at the daily exodus out of Syria and Iraq, to see the handwriting on the wall for Islam. Its days are numbered…

    The captives will be freed. That has always been the Promise.

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