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Bezeq Telecom finally got a green light from Israeli regulators on Sunday to be able to double its internet speeds up to 200 megabits per second.

It’s been a battle royale with regulators who have refused to allow Bezeq to offer speeds beyond 100 Mbps because Bezeq does not have a fiber optics network.


However, with the onset of the coronavirus crisis, the entire nation has moved to the internet for its educational needs as well as for employment; children in preschool through university are on the internet for much of the day, as well as their parents who require the internet for their work.

Israel’s infrastructure, however, has begun to fracture under the load – with many families complaining of network issues – and with the need for better technology becoming painfully clear.

“This reality sharpens the need for a high quality and stable Internet infrastructure capable of delivery high browsing speeds,” Bezeq CEO David Mizrahi told Reuters.