Photo Credit: Courtesy: Tzevet Tsachi Konanim Shomron

At around 6:23 PM on Thursday evening, a man and his daughter were hit by a firebomb attack on the road between Maaleh Shomron and El Matan. Reports came in to emergency services of a car on fire.

The father was lightly injured, but his 11 year old daughter has been seriously burned and injured.


Both managed to run to El Matan for help, while on fire, before collapsing.

The girl in unconscious and on a respirator.

Both are being transported to the Sheba hospital in Tel Hashomer.

The names for prayer purposes of the daughter and father wounded in tonight’s firebomb terror attack are Ayala bat Rut and Avner ben Rachel.

The IDF is searching for the terrorists.



  1. They are not human. I wonder whst runs through their veins? Hatred? Why? What have we done to deserve such hatred?
    They cause such unbelievable pain and suffering.
    Can you just imagine what that little girl is going through and what she will go through in the months ahead? What did she do to those s?

  2. That's it… Israel must declare war on terrorists – it doesn't matter who they are – so called Palestinians, other Arab groups what's the difference ? If they are Citizens of Israel – deal with them swiftly as terrorist and enemy's of the State. Let them know that the military at what every level will shoot first and quickly to protect the Jewish Israeli Citizens.

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