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21 people were injured on Monday afternoon in a terrorist bomb explosion on a bus on Moshe Bar’am Street near Hebron Road in Jerusalem, security sources reported. Two of the victims, a man, 30, and a woman, 28, were critically injured, six moderately and the rest sustained light injuries, including two children ages 10 and 12.

As a result of the initial explosion of an empty bus, another bus, which carried passengers, and a private car caught fire. Eight victims were evacuated to Sha’are Tsedek hospital and the rest to Hadassah Ein Kerem. According to MDA, the victims suffered burns, smoke inhalation and cuts.


Large police forces arrived at the scene with sappers who scanned the area for additional explosives, as well as four firefighting crews that put out the fires.

Jerusalem District Police Commander Major General Yoram Halevy told the press, “At this stage of the investigation we are trying to find out who placed the explosive load, and how they reached the bus. We are in full deployment of the district forces and prepared for every scenario.”

Halevy admitted that there were no intelligence alerts regarding the planted explosives and it isn’t clear whether the perpetrator was a suicide bomber. A seriously wounded Arab from eastern Jerusalem was found on the bus without any ID, adding to suspicions that this was a terror attack.

Udi Gal, spokesman for the Jerusalem Fire Dept. told the press that “enormous flames that erupted in one bus reached the other. Both buses were ignited completely and a nearby vehicle was burnt as well. Luckily, no one was trapped inside.”

Gal, who spoke before police announced the attack had been the act of a terrorist, said there were an average of 200 cases of spontaneous combustion of buses a year in Israel.

As of 6:15 PM Jerusalem time (11:15 AM NY) the fires were put out.

The Jewish Press will update the story as new details come in.


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  1. Sure it is. This is what the Israeli government puts out ahead of tomorrow's rally. Even sabotage could have done this. In all my years (I am no spring chicken) I never heard of such a silly explanation. It was terrorism….obviously.

  2. It is unreal that the Israeli government tried a blatant and bald faced lie and said that this was simply mechanical failure. Is it not obvious that they always protect terrorists? Terrorists are treated first after they commit an attack. Their victims are treated last. Police and soldiers are ordered to aim for the legs or they go to jail. Home are ordered blown up but they know when they order it the court will block the order. Jews are not given guns if they are older olim to make it easier for the Arabs to murder them. Jews are run down in the street and the Arabs AND ISRAEL simply claim it was an accident. This is an obvious pressure cooker that must eventually blow.

  3. Speedy recovery to the Israelis that got injured and i'm DISGUSTED from the terrorists…….You tried terrro for years and it did NOT workd, and it will NEVER work for you……You scum iof the earth…..!!!!! ISRAEL IS HERE TO STAY FOREVER……!!!!

  4. You can't trust these people to live like menchlech no matter what you give them in reparations they are not entitled to. It's time to take over judea and Samaria and pay them for the property they legally own. Europe is just getting a little taste of what will surely be devastating
    I'm sure a dirty bomb in NY is in the works. If the world of civilized nation doesn't get it yet. They will soon enough. Terrorism is coming to a city near you soon enough. That's one thing you can count on.

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