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President Barack Obama laced his annual Rosh HaShanah greetings with political overtones, in stark contrast to his message to Muslims last July on their Eid-ul-Fitr holiday marking the end of Ramadan.

President Obama reminded Jews that the “Book of Life is open.” Assuming a posture as a Jew, he added:

As millions of Jews ask God to inscribe their names in that Book we recognize how much lies beyond our control.


It was a pointed reminder to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that besides God, there also is President Obama who pulls the strings when it comes to world affairs, such as the nuclear agreement with Iran.

The President then preached peace, which he said is “hard, but right now the book is open.  Not just for God but for us.”

That is a theme that was totally absent from his speech to Muslims in July, when he noted:

The end of Ramadan is a time to reflect spiritually, build communally, and aid those in need. While Eid marks the end of Ramadan, it marks a new beginning for each individual – a reason to celebrate and express gratitude on this holiday.

President Obama then devoted nearly half of his greeting to talk about how millions of Muslims go to mosques for prayers and then have “festive gatherings, gift exchanges, and feasts among friends, neighbors and families.”

He emphasized how “the diversity of traditions paint the vibrant images we see from around the world capturing the spirit and excitement of Eid – colorful dresses or white garments decorating the masses of people standing in lines for prayer, lanterns and ornaments lighting up bazaars and neighborhoods, intricate henna designs painted on hands of young girls and women, and an abundance of delectable foods and aromatic cuisines.”

Then he boasted that Eid-ul-Fitr now is a an official holiday in New York City public schools, and he praised Muslims for helping to raise money “for  the churches burned in the wake of the shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina” by a white racist.

The greeting to Muslims was absent of any reference to radical Muslim violence, peace in the Middle East, or the nuclear threat from Iran. It was a typical patronizing greeting made by every leader to partisan groups.

Now let’s go back to 2009 for President Obama’s first Rosh HaShanah greetings:

I want to extend my warmest wishes for this New Year. L’Shanah Tovah Tikatevu – may you have a good year, and may you be inscribed for blessing in the Book of Life….

At the dawn of this New Year, let us rededicate ourselves to that work. Let us reject the impulse to harden ourselves to others’ suffering, and instead make a habit of empathy – of recognizing ourselves in each other and extending our compassion to those in need.

Let us resist prejudice, intolerance, and indifference in whatever forms they may take — let us stand up strongly to the scourge of anti-Semitism, which is still prevalent in far too many corners of our world….

And let us work to achieve lasting peace and security for the state of Israel, so that the Jewish state is fully accepted by its neighbors, and its children can live their dreams free from fear.

All of that was absent from this year’s greeting, which also did not mention anti-Semitism and certainly not anti-Zionism, lest he prompt reminders that Iran’s idea of peace is a world without Israel.

President Obama was elected on a motto of “change.”

He has fulfilled his promise.

He indeed has changed.



  1. What's shocking is Obama's statement "right now, the book [of judgment] is open not just for G-d, but for us." That implies that G-d Himself is being judged!!! Blasphemy! עפר לפומא Perhaps it's a freudian slip showing the world that he isn't only against Israel, but he's also against the G-d of Israel. G-d will have the last judgment and it won't go well for Obama.
    Shana Tova to everyone.

  2. No, Obama hasn't changed. His shrew deception worked to get him elected but it is impossible to live a lie and not have your true nature eventually come out. He's living his version of the anti-colonialist, Judeophobic dreams of his Kenyan father and applying the lessons he took to heart in the Indonesian madrasas.

  3. Cody, the jews that voted for him are the same type of person as all democrats (socialist). They are the same as the ones that left Egypt with Moses and as soon as he was out of sight they built a goldencalf and prayed to it. You can not tell what a person is by looking at them you must watch them and see what they do.

  4. It amazes me that Americans are too blind to watch the actions of someone and judge them accordingly. Obama is nothing less than a Radical Muslim that has worked tiredlessly with Jarrett to ensure that the West and America are going to have a religous war with Islam, with Iran leading the Shiite cause. If Congress were full of Americans who truly followed their pledge to protect America and the Constitution, Obama would have been impeached long ago.

  5. What we have within our midst is a manchurian Candidate, one who is programmed to say certain things at specific times. Have you noticed that everytime Obama speaks he has a telepromter on both sides of the lecturn. When he speaks impromtu, he cannot get all of the words out coherently, and when he does, he messes them up completely. This is who is running our Government..a puppet.

  6. May we be written and sealed in the book of Life these ten days of Awe. There is no way of our knowing what will happen to us these days of Awe and the rest of the year. We wish for good health and happiness for us, our country, Israel and the rest of the world. Our eyes and ears are open to reality. Lois Wasserman, Ph.D.
    Our religion is open and we are free to think, to study, to teach,
    to learn and be kind to others. I expect the same from others. I pray that our American friends and leaders visit Israel and live
    the life of the Israelis. Israel is a democracy. As a Jew, no one
    will tell me how to live my life, or try to change my thoughts which evolved from the timeI was a child to a mature, well-educated person, whose heart goes out to people in all kinds of
    need. We respect other religious traditions. Happy New Year.

  7. Yes, indeed. The Book of Life, the prayers for a good year means just that. Jews and Israel promote justice period.
    Let us face it, there are people in this world who hate
    and demonstrate it and yet are honored in the United States.Welcome terrorists! Chastise leaders of the only democracy in the Middle East. The Book of Life does not condone violence, murder of Jews going home after attending Rosh Hashonah services, prayers, and hope and striving for
    making this world liveable. That Book is open and I say that
    those who honor terrorists invites God loving people to
    respect the Other. Pray for forgiveness when we know the
    apology is sincere. Be kind to our Democratic Leaders in Israel. and elsewhere.
    Dr.Lois D. Wasserman

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