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Avraham Fuah being arrested for singing Hatikva on Har Habayit. Feb. 8, 2106.

Avraham Fuah, who spent last night in jail, told the court at his hearing today that he doesn’t understand why he was arrested for on the Temple Mount yesterday for singing HaTikva, Israel’s national anthem – as he broke no laws in doing so, according to a TPS report.

Fuah also described to the court how the police acted violently towards him.


The State Prosecutor actually claimed that Fuah had bowed down on the floor [in prayer] during his arrest, Fuah pointed out that the policeman threw him down to the ground while arresting him, and he was injured as a result.

In the video you can see one policeman grab Fuah by the chin and face as he sings HaTikva, turning him around and physically silencing him by covering his mouth.

Judge David Shaul Gabai Richter ruled that by singing Israel’s national anthem in front of Israeli police on the Temple Mount, Fuah endangered the public’s safety.

The judge decided, according to the Hakol Hayehudi website, that there was reasonable suspicion that Fuah sang Israel’s national anthem as an “act of demonstration”.

The judge concluded, “It goes without saying that the state symbols, including the national anthem, are protected by law and the company’s core values. Freedom of expression is also a fundamental right in society, but this freedom can be withdrawn when there is a real concern and probability that a certain expression will cause a disturbance.”

The judge ruled that Fuah is banned from visiting the Temple Mount for the next 15 days.



  1. The judge should be suspended from his duties without pay for 2 months. He's obviously forgotten he's a Jew, in a Jewish country. As for the policeman, I have no doubt if he applies for a job with with the PA police he'll get a higher position than he holds now. No law was broken, even according to the judge, and yet the young boy was punished.

    You can be sure that no Palestinian would haved fared a similar punishment in this particular "judge's court," if he had sang an anti-Israeli song! Nor would any Israeli policeman have thought of silencing that Palestinian or throwing him to the ground!

  2. So is this the Israeli court’s way of saying, ‘we shall comply with our enemies’ agenda’? Way to surrender! I think it is time to change the lyrics of Hatikvah from:
    “להיות עם חופשי בארצנו – ארץ ציון ירושלים
    Lihyot am chofshi be’artzenu – Eretz Tziyon yerushalayim /
    To be a free people in our land – The land of Zion and Jerusalem”
    להיות עבדים למחבלים בארצנו – ארץ ציון ירושלים
    Lihyot avadim l’mechablim be’artzenu – Eretz Tziyon yerushalayim /
    To be slaves to terrorists in our land – The land of Zion and Jerusalem.

  3. I just don't understand our hypersensitivity to the feeling of the 'Palestinians' on the Temple Mount. I am offended by the shouting of allahu akbar by unwashed savages who don't know the meaning of their catch phrase.
    The cop who assaulted Fuah should be tried in criminal court and sued in civil court.

  4. What is becoming of our beloved land of Israel if one of our own gets arrested for singing the National Anthem of Israel.
    Lord have mercy! What is happening in Israel today is beyond imagination for the land we fought for and lost lives for. Unbelieveable what we see and read these days of the goings on in our beloved land of Israel. I can't believe I'm reading these things going on in Israel and not in a foreign country.
    Certainly not in the land of our Forefather and ancestors
    Unblievable! G-d help us!

  5. At one point in my life, I thought, "how wonderful it would be to live in the land." Well…I don't think that way any longer. My rights in America are being eroded everyday, but they are better than what my brothers are putting up with in Israel. Shortly, you won't be able to open you mouths at all to say Yea or Nay. Yes, something has to give. At some point the good people will do as they always have had to do and say enough is enough.

  6. The problem lies not with the courts, they were correct in saying that Fuah's action was in insighting trouble. The problem is within Israel there is a people who wish to destroy the country. Where else in the world is this tolerated, that the enemy within go unchallenged.

  7. I understand the police in this situation. This boy was asking for a problem to happen. The cops then have to clean up that mess. it's very easy for one of them or a civilian to get injured. I'm sure it's a stressful situation on the temple mount for everyone. Why make it worse?

  8. While I agree with you that the temple mount is in Israel and we 'should' have complete control there and be able to do what we want. In reality after the six day war we gave control of Har Habyit to the mufti of JORDAN. They are in control there and we have to abide by their rules. It's an outrage, but it explains alot. One of the ways Moshe Dayan screwed us all.

  9. Forbidden to sing the country's national anthem in its capital?
    How many other countries has this same law?
    Do the philistines sing their national anthem in Hebron?
    Does the arab MK;'s in the knesset sing the Hatikvah?
    Can someone explain this illogical rules to me intellegently?

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