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This measure is referred to as the “no contact policy with settler organizations/Refuse to engage with settlers including public figures and those publicly rejecting the two-state solution.”



Another threatened method for destroying Israel being developed for their EU taskmasters by the small group directed to offer various implements of torture to be applied to the Jewish State, includes ones that will bring severe pain to Israeli businesses. This one includes “suggesting” to European countries not to carry out projects with Israeli companies which are located beyond Europe’s Green Apartheid Line.

One example given by Haaretz was that the Dutch Foreign Ministry recommended that Vitens, its own country’s water company, not carry out projects in collaboration with Israel’s water company, Mekoret, if those projects cross the Apartheid Line.

Perhaps the best example of this kind of threat is one that will result in an actual, not just metaphoric, effluvial outburst.

The Dutch government recently recommended that its Royal Haskoning infrastructure company reconsider working with the Jerusalem municipality on constructing a sewage purification plant in East Jerusalem. Perfect. In the place where there are most likely to be the most Arab workers hired by a European country, that country prefers not to dirty its hands by working with the Jewish State. The fallout should land directly on the Dutch for their noxious position.

Israel will take care of its own sewage, thank you very much. If only the Dutch and the rest of the threatening EU members would examine their own.

The small working group creating the menu of methods of torture from which the EU diplomats will select their favorites is “known in EU jargon” as the MaMa (Mashreq-Maghreb Working Party). A group comprised of Quasimoto’s ancestors, no doubt.

In this edition of Haaretz’s leak of the “secret” EU document we learn that there may be some sticks – perhaps we should call them wet noodles – which might be applied to the Palestinian Arabs should they take some negative actions. What might that be?


Haaretz prints, apparently with a straight face, that one sanction might be “the EU could continue to dissuade [the Palestinians] from moving ahead in the context of international organizations and use its leverage to that end.”

But that’s about all we learn of the nastiness which might be inflicted on the Arabs.

Back to selections from the torture methods to be applied to Israel for failing to ensure that a “contiguous” Palestinian state carved out of the hide of Israel be advanced as quickly and completely as possible.


Here’s a particularly undemocratic suggestion. Not only might EU member states refuse to have any contact with elected officials they disapprove of, including leaders of parties and the president of the country, but they may engage in their own form of choosing Israeli leaders from afar. They threaten to “openly support Israeli leaders taking hard decisions and help re-creating a positive dynamic, including in relations with the Palestinians.”

These set of recommendations, gleefully announced through the EU’s pet propaganda outlet in Israel, may constitute the single most outrageous list of political blackmail and extortion by a foreign entity towards a sovereign nation that has ever been put to paper.

Israel must respond as a dignified, sovereign nation. It must not cower before these outrageous threats. It is time to decide what courses of action are open to Israel to demonstrate its independence and refusal to bow before this new Pharaoh. It is time, finally, to refuse to bend.

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